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Weichai Power launched the new energy "wn20" powertrain

Weichai Power launched the new energy "wn20" powertrain

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Guide: Jiangsu Jinfa Technology launched the new energy wn20 powertrain at the Beijing bus exhibition due to the strong professionalism of its products and customers. The modular design of the assembly makes it possible to select and distribute the assembly combination of 4~12 liter diesel or natural gas National IV, national V engines and 5~16 gear automatic transmission system with minimal changes. Apply to

at the Beijing bus exhibition, Weichai launched the new energy "wn20" powertrain

the modular design of the assembly enables the whole vehicle to select and distribute 4~12 liter diesel or natural gas National IV and V engines with a minimum of changes, and 5~16 gears of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) speed converter assembly with gears that can be bonded to the thermosetting matrix resin. The fuel saving rate applied to 10-12 meter buses can reach 30%, and the 8-year operation can directly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 tons

according to the test and identification of China's authoritative testing department, the bus equipped with Weichai new energy electric power assembly can save 270000 yuan of fuel cost per vehicle when the operating mileage is calculated as 400000 kilometers in 8 years under the gb/t typical urban bus cycle in China. "Wn20" gas electric hybrid powertrain can save nearly 700000 yuan in fuel cost

it is reported that Weichai company established a new energy technology center in 2010, focusing on product development and technology research in the field of new energy industry. Relying on the golden industrial chain of "engine transmission axle", we have successfully created a "engine motor transmission" green industrial chain suitable for new energy hybrid vehicles, providing a strong driving force of system level, product level, high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection for new energy vehicles

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