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Weichai Power: 2020 industrial vehicle sector does so

Weichai Power: 2020 industrial vehicle sector does so

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on December 4, 2019, the construction machinery power branch of Weichai Power 2020 business conference was held in Xi'an. The conference took "customer satisfaction is our purpose" as the theme, and comprehensively reviewed the development of Weichai Power in 2019, which reduced the production cost of each plate of construction machinery, Looking forward to the key work ideas in 2020. Weichai Power, relevant leaders and guests of the industry association, together with more than 200 construction machinery dealers, service providers and industry media representatives from all over the country, attended the event

industrial vehicles were selected as the most potential sector by Weichai Power Engineering machinery business, and its future development direction has attracted much attention. The on-site market report of the meeting repeatedly mentioned the development of the forklift segment of industrial vehicles. The report pointed out that although the market share of Weichai Power products in the forklift industry is relatively small, it has more than 4000 customers worldwide, and the annual sales share has increased steadily. At present, the main customers are kaiaobaoli, Doosan, Taiwan Lifu, Zoomlion and other well-known forklift brands

Mr. Wang Jinxing, deputy operating beam clamping and lifting Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, especially pointed out that the industrial vehicle industry market is widely used, involving all walks of life, and is closely related to the national economic development. With the continuous growth of China's economy and the rising labor costs, the future development of China's industrial vehicle industry is expected

in terms of products, Weichai and Baoli jointly developed wp3.2 series engines suitable for material handling equipment. This series of products are for 5-ton forklift provides strong power, while minimizing fuel consumption and helping user enterprises reduce operating costs; Wp4.1 series products configured for large tonnage forklifts adopt high-pressure common rail technology, which has advanced technology, strong reliability, longer service life and is convenient for subsequent maintenance

in the future, Weichai Power products will continue to carry out emission upgrading and develop towards a more reliable, efficient, intelligent and comfortable direction, so that the products have the four characteristics of advanced reliability, high efficiency, fuel saving, quiet comfort and intelligent environmental protection. And cooperate with forklift agents all over the world to jointly promote in key areas, so that more forklift users can understand and use Weichai engines; At the same time, we will continue to improve the service quality, give users an extra long three guarantee period twice that of competitive products, and increase the investment in forklift regional market accessories to meet the aftermarket accessory demand

the representative of Kaiao Baoli (Jiangsu) forklift Co., Ltd. pointed out in the report that Kaiao China will build an unprecedented forklift manufacturing industrial park in Jinan, Shandong Province, develop in coordination with Weichai Power, form an industrial linkage, further reduce production costs, expand the scope of business services, strive to have a production capacity of more than 100000 units by 2025, and realize Kaiao China's revenue doubling plan, Build China into a global market center for medium and high-end products of material handling equipment

Mr. Feng Gang, vice president of Weichai Power Co., Ltd., also said in his speech that in 2020, Weichai Power plans to sell 1million units. As a subdivision field with rapid growth in recent years, Weichai Power looks forward to its subsequent development. In 2020, Weichai will focus on "continuously deepening market segmentation", "providing more competitive products", "continuously improving the competitiveness of bolts with grade 8.8 and above made of low-carbon alloy steel or medium carbon steel and heat-treated (quenched and tempered)" and other aspects. Taking the non road national emission upgrading as an opportunity, Weichai will continue to upgrade supporting products and service capabilities, and practice the service purpose of customer satisfaction, Improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Weichai products

it is understood that Weichai Power has multiple development advantages in the construction machinery market, has the world's leading R & D strength, and unique production and manufacturing capacity. Weichai took the lead in putting forward the technical solution of powertrain system in the industry, and gradually formed a diversified ecological structure of the enterprise built by the three golden industrial chains of powertrain, hydraulic system and intelligent logistics. With a strong international R & D team, Weichai has more than 3400 R & D engineers and application engineers in the field of construction machinery. And the service network is all over the world, with complete spare parts reserves, exquisite service technology and strong timeliness. It can provide customers with all-weather, all-round and full life cycle professional services. In the field of green and clean energy, Weichai Power has mastered the core technology of hydrogen fuel cell and can provide customers with diversified new energy solutions. It is believed that the future Weichai Power will bring more development opportunities and create a new brilliant chapter for the development of China's industrial vehicle industry

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