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Weichai Power + Linde hydraulic: drive China's road machinery to the high end

Weichai Power + Linde hydraulic: drive China's road machinery to the high end

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on June 17, the high-level meeting of the pavement and compaction machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, hosted by Weichai, was successfully held in Weifang. Representatives of the industry and manufacturers gathered to discuss the hot spots and future trends of the industry

high level meeting of pavement and compaction machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

in 2017, the domestic pavement machinery market showed a steady upward trend. Weichai entered the market not long ago. As a "rookie", it has developed rapidly. The market share of road rollers jumped from 3% in 2012 to 42.7% in 2017, becoming the mainstream driving force in this field

"the products of the main engine plant have been switched from the second country to the third country, which provides a development opportunity for Weichuan Gaochai." Li Shaohua, vice president of Weichai Power, said that since the implementation of the third national emission standard for non road vehicles in 2016, the market share of Weichai in road rollers has doubled

in addition to the eye-catching performance of engine products, Weichai can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China, and its Linde hydraulic has also achieved good performance. In this month, Linde hydraulic pavement machinery supporting capacity doubled over the same period, and continued to maintain a leading position in the paver Market in the traditional advantageous field

Weichai engine represents the highest level of diesel engine products in China, and Linde hydraulic is a century old brand in Germany and the leader of high-end hydraulic products in the world. The combination of the two will surely effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of China's pavement machinery industry and move towards high-end and intelligent

"reliable and durable" + "personalized customization" = the most trusted driving force of customers

Qingdao Ketai Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qingdao Ketai), is one of the first manufacturers to establish a supporting relationship with Weichai. The "reliability and durability" of Weichai engine is the most fundamental factor that moves them

the main driving force of Weichai road machinery market WP6 series engines

at present, the main driving force product platforms of Weichai in road machinery include: wp4.1, WP6, WP7 and wp12/13, which can be matched with the theme index of Zhengzheng Fubang insurance. The road machine, paver, milling machine, etc. are customized by Fangzheng Fubang Fund Management Co., Ltd., which can meet the third/fourth stage emission standards of non road countries. Relying on the State Key Laboratory of internal combustion engine reliability, "reliable and durable" has outstanding advantages. The product is developed according to the design concept of heavy-duty engine. After rigorous product durability test and market verification, the B10 service life reaches 20000h

for non Road products, Weichai launched a special autonomous ECU, with completely independent software development and hardware made in Germany. Its multi power output function can meet the needs of different working conditions; Multi throttle control logic can better cooperate with the use of road rollers, graders, etc; GPS anti disassembly lock car, more intelligent

for example, Weichai autonomous ECU wise15, with built-in atmospheric pressure sensor, automatically adjusts the fuel injection volume according to different environmental pressures, which can realize the same diesel engine to take into account the working conditions of plain and plateau. For another example, according to the working characteristics of road machinery, the special throttle control logic of "constant speed control" is developed to ensure strong and stable power output

for end customers, the most attractive thing is that Weichai has a 150 person ECU R & D team, which can customize and develop various functions according to customer needs, and has faster response, and the development cycle is far lower than that of competitors

Weichai hydraulic power assembly: the best power scheme for road machinery upgrading

Yao luting, general manager of Qingdao Ketai, told, "the low failure rate of Weichai engine and the accuracy and flexibility of Linde hydraulic are our most promising places." Starting from this year, Linde hydraulic products will be supplied in batches in Qingdao Ketai. The hydraulic power assembly made of Weichai Power + Linde hydraulic will be the best power upgrade scheme for customers

the best power scheme for upgrading road machinery

why can Linde forklift open the beer bottle cap? Why does the paver equipped with Linde hydraulic never deviate? This is due to the accuracy and flexibility of Linde hydraulic technology. The excellent low-speed stability of the motor and the average control accuracy of 1.25 ‰ enable Linde hydraulic to have a work efficiency far better than that of its competitors. In addition, the failure rate of Linde hydraulic products is less than 1 ‰, the service life of products is more than 20000h, and the number of products is more than 3million, which has been tested by the market and is more reliable and durable

as a global high-end hydraulic brand, Linde hydraulic joined Weichai since 2012 and set up a factory in China in 2015. Its "German quality + Chinese service" mode enables more Chinese customers to enjoy world-class product quality and efficient and convenient localization services

"the strong combination of Linde hydraulic products and Weichai engine will enhance the core competitiveness of Weichai; we will integrate the advantages of both sides and carry out cross-border innovation in various aspects in the research and development of hydraulic products." Ren Bingbing, vice president of Weichai Power and general manager of Linde hydraulic (China) Co., Ltd., said


and the road machinery market is another stage for their cross-border innovation

at present, Weichai has built a world-class hydraulic power assembly test bench, which can combine the accuracy and flexibility of Linde hydraulic with the advantages of Weichai engine, such as high reliability, economy and environmental protection, and optimize and match

as the core component of the power transmission system of the whole machine, the matching between the engine and the hydraulic system is the key factor affecting the working efficiency and fuel economy of the whole machine. Weichai Power + Linde hydraulic, with compound experience and resources in engine and hydraulic system performance and control. Through the adaptive matching of engine and hydraulic system, the optimization of work efficiency and fuel economy is realized. At the same time, it can also realize the automatic "optimal matching" of the system, which is the basis of intelligent and high-end equipment and the key to the transformation and upgrading of pavement machinery

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