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Toshiba group integrates advanced technology to create energy-saving building solutions

the progress of the times and the rapid development of science and technology have continuously improved people's living environment and living standards, and the most closely related to our life is the living quality. Modern people's requirements for living are not only concerned with factors such as housing type and area, living comfort and energy conservation and environmental protection, It is being concerned by more and more people. So for the construction market in the new century, technology, humanization, energy conservation and comfort are all very important. Toshiba group, which has 137 years of history, has cooperated with many of its product manufacturing enterprises to integrate advanced technology and sales channels to provide Chinese consumers with modern building solutions that represent the future trend

high speed, energy saving and more comfortable Toshiba elevators add color to landmark buildings

as a symbol of the city, skyscrapers carry the dream of the city. When people walk into these magnificent high-rise buildings, elevators are the means of transportation for them to reach their destination. As a part of the social infrastructure of Toshiba group, after more than 40 years of unremitting efforts, Toshiba Elevator has been favored by users with its excellent performance and humanized design, and has been integrated into the landmark buildings of major cities in the world. The Taipei 101 building, completed in 2004, has installed the world's fastest elevator (with a speed of 1010 meters), which has been recognized by Guinness World Records. It has been operating safely since its completion. The Shanghai World Financial Center, located in Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, is equipped with Toshiba super high-speed elevators with a speed of 600 meters and double-layer car elevators with automatic floor spacing adjustment. It takes only one minute to reach the restaurant on the 91st floor. Tokyo skytree, a new landmark in Tokyo, Japan, with a height of 634.0 meters, is the world's tallest tower in the current Guinness World Records. Among the four domestic high-capacity elevators, the fastest direct elevator with a passenger capacity of 40 and a speed of 600 meters is installed. It is also a safe and comfortable Toshiba Elevator made of polycarbonate with SI2 front window glass

Toshiba Elevator products achieve such a high running speed on the premise of ensuring a high degree of safety, and reduce shaking and achieve higher comfort by suppressing the sharp change of air pressure through the air pressure control system and automatic vibration reduction device. In 2012, Toshiba Elevator launched energy-saving and environment-friendly products with more safety performance for the changing Chinese market. On the inorganic room elevator spacel- Ⅲ and the small machine room elevator elcosmo- Ⅲ, new control devices and pulley guide shoes were applied, and LED lighting equipment and optional power recovery system were used. While improving passenger comfort, power consumption was also significantly reduced compared with the old models, It has reached the top energy-saving standard in the industry

Toshiba Elevator will continue to expand its production capacity, not only to meet the needs of the Chinese market, but also to put key parts produced in China into the global market, and build its production center in China into an important global production base

Toshiba air conditioner, the originator of frequency conversion technology, creates a comfortable residential space

air conditioner is an important link in creating a comfortable residential space. Toshiba has a high innovation strength in air conditioner products, and is the only air conditioner enterprise in the industry that has won the all Japan Energy Saving Technology Award for 14 consecutive years since 1999. The first variable frequency air conditioner was produced in Toshiba in 1980. Now, Toshiba air conditioner has the leading DC frequency conversion technology. With multi-stage frequency conversion regulation, double rotor compressor and vector frequency conversion technology, it not only reduces the volume and weight of the product, achieves energy-saving effect far beyond the industry level under the same refrigeration effect, but also realizes people's high requirements for comfort with lower running noise

in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, Toshiba has invested a lot of research and development energy to create a better earth environment as one of its core business concepts. As early as 1998, Toshiba developed an air conditioning product using the environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A as early as 1822. R410A does not consume the ozone layer in the atmosphere, and has higher refrigeration efficiency than traditional refrigerants, At present, all Toshiba air-conditioning products sold in the Chinese market use R410A, which fully reflects Toshiba's unremitting efforts in environmental protection and energy conservation

in addition, Toshiba air conditioner has a very high reputation for innovation and quality in the industry. Toshiba has extremely strict requirements for the quality of its products and strictly controls the quality. We strive to do our best in every link of product design, raw material procurement, product processing and quality testing. Moreover, before Toshiba air conditioners are approved to enter the world market, they must be strictly tested by the world's most advanced technology and equipment, and will not be put into the market for sale until they completely pass the test. Therefore, it is because of Toshiba's insistence on the perfect quality of its products that its products can still gain a good reputation in the global air conditioning market after so many years. At the same time, Toshiba air conditioner has also won many awards in the industry. Since 1994, it has won more than 20 energy-saving awards, and has won energy-saving awards for 14 consecutive years since 1999. Toshiba super intelligent DC variable speed air conditioner has won the energy saving award in 2004, and has become the only air conditioner product licensed for export

Toshiba LED lighting tree can be used for ten years. Energy saving benchmark

Toshiba lighting is the first enterprise in Japan to produce incandescent lamps. Since it started the production of incandescent bulbs in 1890, after more than 120 years of baptism, Toshiba officially stopped producing general incandescent lamps in 2010, and LED lighting technology with energy saving, low carbon and long life has replaced it. The service life of ordinary incandescent lamps is only about 2000 hours, while the LED light source produced by Toshiba has a service life of more than 25000 hours

the revolution brought about by LED lighting is not only the long service life, but also the greater advantage comes from the nearly 100% electro-optic conversion efficiency. In contrast, incandescent lamps will convert a large amount of electric energy into white heat consumption when they are working. That is why countries around the world are planning to completely eliminate incandescent lamps. China also plans to ban the sale of incandescent lamps for general lighting by 2016. Some experts have pointed out, If all the existing household ordinary incandescent lamps are replaced by energy-saving lamps, the country can save more than 300 billion kwh of electricity a year, and its power saving effect is close to the power generation capacity of the four Three Gorges projects

because of its excellent energy-saving effect and long service life, Toshiba LED lighting technology can be seen in landscape lighting projects all over the world. The lighting renovation project of the Louvre museum is one of the measures taken by the museum in environmental protection activities. The existing lighting products such as xenon lamps with higher environmental load are replaced by Toshiba LED lighting products with higher energy efficiency, so as to reduce the environmental load. The Louvre Museum replaced the lighting facilities of Napoleon square, pyramid, pyramid and courcaree (square atrium) with Toshiba LED lighting products. The Louvre Museum spoke highly of LED lighting technology, which can not only inherit the beautiful lighting environment of the museum, but also significantly reduce power consumption. In China, Toshiba LED lighting products are also used in qingxuelu and Fanghe Pavilion on the Bank of the West Lake, which saves a lot of manpower for the maintenance of two ancient buildings that have been listed in the world cultural heritage list, creates a charming night scene full of antiquity, and also has a very significant energy-saving effect

building solutions and residential energy-saving design

now, whether in office areas or residential areas, the population density is getting higher and higher, and the environmental pollution and energy waste are becoming more and more serious. Therefore, in the future digital healthy city construction, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the focus of intelligent building and residential solutions. Toshiba has leading technologies and solutions in this regard: BEMS mode basic optimization control and neuropmv energy-saving control technology

bems mode basic optimization control refers to the system to manage the equipment, environment and energy of buildings. While automatically managing the indoor environment, analyze and improve the temperature and flow of machinery and equipment, so as to reduce energy consumption. Neuropmv energy saving control refers to the use of a comfort index called PMV to calculate the set temperature that can make people feel comfortable, mainly because the buffer fails and automatically controls the temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. This is Toshiba's own technology. Toshiba is promoting a building management system that combines BEMS mode based optimization control and neuropmv neural network control to achieve energy saving while maintaining a comfortable environment in China

Toshiba, adhering to the enterprise concept of serving the future of mankind and the earth, promotes the development of environmental protection and energy-saving technology with endless exploration spirit and enthusiasm. On the side of the comprehensive wear value zmz: first confirm that the Pb point of the sample belongs to that level, and provide the best solution for creating comfortable buildings, which will continue to surprise and move Chinese consumers

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