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Toshiba Mitsubishi Shanghai Technical Service Center settled in Baosteel recently, Shanghai Baosteel engineering technology company Baoling electric company was authorized by Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. to establish Toshiba Mitsubishi Shanghai Technical Service Center. The technical service center will rely on Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric's world-leading technology, and Baoling Electric's rich experience in manufacturing and maintenance of electrical system equipment, with Baosteel as the service center to strengthen its technical service capacity

this year, Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric of Japan have carried out business integration and jointly established Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial System Co., Ltd. to further enhance the market competitive advantage in professional fields, such as the plasticization performance and processing activities that will affect PVC in the computer domain. In order to better serve users in Baosteel and Shanghai, Toshiba Mitsubishi authorized Baoling electric to establish a Toshiba Mitsubishi Shanghai Technical Service Center in Baosteel

since its establishment more than ten years ago, Baoling Electric has made great progress in system projects and equipment manufacturing, and has formed its own characteristics in technical services. This time, Baoling electric was authorized by Toshiba Mitsubishi to establish Shanghai Technical Service Center, which can further play the role of Toshiba Mitsubishi in technical support and better provide Baosteel with thoughtful services to understand the segregation situation; At the same time, it can effectively improve the technical content of "personal" services implemented by engineering technology companies. As the only window set up by Toshiba Mitsubishi in Shanghai for information, technical services, spare parts management and repair, Toshiba Mitsubishi will regularly provide professional technology and related training for the technical service center every year, and through this platform, timely transmit the latest technical information to users, and provide electrical transmission equipment systems, computer systems The precise spot inspection of high and low voltage control system and the use of some materials, customers actually do not know how to increase the strength of testing, spare parts repair, testing, 24-hour emergency repair and other services

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