The hottest total hopes to sell the British Lindsa

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Total hopes to sell the Lindsay refinery in the UK by the end of the year. According to reports, Christophe de Margerie, CEO of French total, said here today that the company has so far received offers from several companies to acquire its Lindsay refinery in the UK. Total hopes to sell more than five refineries in each group of samples by the end of this year

de Margerie made the above remarks to the media during a meeting organized by the French employers' Federation. He said: "we have received some quotations, and we are studying them. We hope to sell our Lindsay refinery in the UK by the end of this year."

Reuters reported in February this year that total of France plans to sell its Lindsay refinery in the UK, which has a daily processing capacity of 223000 barrels of crude oil

when talking about the broader market, de Margerie said that the current oil price is at a "suitable level for multifunctional and lightweight plastic instruments", while the price of natural gas is too low

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