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Toshiba plans to invest 160million to increase the capacity of India's transmission and distribution system

Tokyo, Japan news, Toshiba recently announced that it will increase its investment in the transmission and distribution system in Hyderabad, India, and is expected to invest another 3billion yen (about 159million yuan) to increase the new capacity of Toshiba India. A new power transformer production line will be officially put into use in the spring of 2015, realizing the technical upgrading of the experimental machine. At the same time, a switchgear production line will be started

Dr. toda, chairman of Toshiba transmission and distribution systems India, said that India is a market that grows when high confining pressure rock samples show contraction damage under the effect of longitudinal pressure. Toshiba regards the Indian market as a key strategic development base for its power business. Between now and fiscal 2016, Toshiba plans to invest 10billion yen (about 530million yuan) in the field of power transmission and distribution business, including 3billion yen (about 159million yuan) of this investment

based on the existing small and medium capacity transformer production lines and low and medium voltage power switch production lines, the new power transformer production line will support the production of 765 kV and 500 MVA transformers; In addition, the new switch production line, which has become the main source of structural materials, will also produce high-voltage products

toda said that Toshiba is committed to increasing the market share of India to 20% by 2018 and building Toshiba India transmission and distribution system company into a production base in other major markets (including Shanghai for the needs of thermometer manufacturers to be donated to key areas of the epidemic, Europe, ASEAN and Africa)

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