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Tostar "machine replacement" digs gold with intelligent technology

recently, machine replacement, one-year cost recovery automation, do not do tall luxury goods, only do the most intimate plan, make things out of nothing, everywhere, unparalleled, and let industrial civilization return to the beauty of nature. These statements made a lot of attention at the 88 entrepreneurs' face-to-face and machine replacement conference in Dongguan. In this activity forum that subverts the traditional manufacturing model, tostar should make use of its innate advantages and technology to dig for gold machine replacement

as the first brand of whole plant automation in China and a local brand in Dongguan, tuosida was invited by the organizer to be the co organizer of this event, actively responding to the government call that this is not their traditional advantage field, and providing services for machine replacement in the manufacturing industry. Tostar has no doubt about the strength of automation technology. It has the one-stop service ability of automation of the whole plant. Represented by intelligent robots, tostar has all congenital conditions, such as molding auxiliary machines, lean automation experts, automation departments, etc

tostar central material supply system has reached the domestic top technical level, which can fully realize full machine production and make workshops unmanned and unlighted. This is a good application technology to implement machine replacement, centralized material supply, unified management and control, beautify and improve the image of workshops, and is a model of unmanned intelligent technology. Let's learn about the replacement technology of central feeding machine:

◆ realize the unmanned feeding operation of the whole plant, saving a lot of manpower for the enterprise

◆ cooperate with the cooling water circulation system, automatic removal and transmission system, cold and heat exchange system and secondary material recovery system to realize the unmanned operation of the whole plant, and the enterprise can save the energy consumed by equipment such as air conditioners and electric lights

◆ greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and reduce the production cost of the enterprise

◆ greatly improve the quality of products and reduce the defect rate

◆ different raw materials can be adjusted according to needs, saving enterprises a lot of trouble in refueling

◆ pipelines do not occupy ground space, saving a lot of effective space for enterprises

◆ beautiful pipe laying and placement can effectively improve the environment of the production workshop

◆ the cost is relatively low, which saves a lot of money for the enterprise in the long run

◆ realize the closed pipeline transportation of raw materials, and completely avoid the noise, dust and hot gas pollution to the workshop. It is the best system to maximize the product quality

a household goods company in Xi'an is a customer of tostar. The enterprise adopts the central feeding system of tostar. There is no worker in the whole workshop, and the production work is completed by the manipulator and the automatic conveyor belt. It really realizes the unmanned during the day. Only the right fixture is selected and there is no light at night. The whole workshop is realized by the manipulator and conveyor belt, and the products taken out by the manipulator are directly sent to the second floor for detection through the conveyor belt, There is no one in the whole workshop, and even the air conditioner does not need to be turned on, which achieves the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction, and really saves costs

Wu Fengli, chairman of tostar, said: now is not the time to innovate behind closed doors. Tostar should adapt to the trend of global technological development. At present, China has few original products in the high-end manufacturing industry, and the core technology still needs to be transferred by foreign enterprises, and then jointly produced. 1. The mainframe of this kind of equipment adopts the floor type framework structure. For China, to get rid of the role of the world factory, it is not a long-term plan to purchase core technology at one time, and it must establish a local cooperation mode. In fact, a large number of the world's top 500 enterprises have established R & D centers in China, built the whole industrial chain, promoted the transformation of made in China into made in China, and then pushed the finished products to the world market. They are the craftsmen in their field. Tostar currently has a technical concept that coincides with this direction, relying on smart technology to dig the gold market

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