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Total's position on Saudi Arabia's 1.5 million ton/year ethylene project

total's position on Saudi Arabia's 1.5 million ton/year ethylene project

April 30, 2020

French energy giant total, whose core is the manipulator in the closed unit, said that its joint investment of $5billion in the petrochemical project with Saudi Aramco in the Saudi city of Jubail will not be affected by the reduction of investment. At this time, the results can be printed, but cost control should be strengthened

due to the global spread of COVID-19, leading to the decline in oil prices, like other companies, total has announced substantial spending cuts and shelved some projects

total said in a statement on Tuesday that its recently announced capital expenditure reduction target for 2020 includes $500million in the downstream, but does not include the coating of this project

total said that both partners will strengthen cost control and design optimization for the ethylene plant located near satorp refinery

the project includes a mixed feed steam cracking unit (50% ethane and refinery gas), with a capacity of 1.5 million tons/year of ethylene and related petrochemical products, which is scheduled to be completed in 2024

in October 2019, Saudi Aramco, total and McDermott signed the engineering service contract for ethylene patented technology of Jubail petrochemical project. The project is located in Jubail on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. Aramco and total will jointly build the world's largest ethylene cracking plant with mixed raw materials

the ethylene plant uses McDermott's Lummus technology, and McDermott will provide patent use license, basic engineering design package, extended basic engineering design, training, technical services and patented equipment for the project. Specifically, technical services include olefin technology, low-pressure recovery (refinery tail gas recovery and treatment), gas hydrotreating, catalytic distillation to produce cdmtbe technology, CDIB (methyl tert butyl ether reverse cracking to produce high-purity isobutene and methanol) and BASF NMP (N-methyl pyrrolidone butadiene extraction process), etc. In addition, Lummus will provide its proprietary heater for the project. For example, the point to point section of the figure is the enhancement phase (SRT)

the proposed Amiral petrochemical complex is currently in the feed stage

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