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Dow Chemical says it has no plan to build a new TDI device in North America.

Dow Chemical Company of the United States says it has no plan to build a new TDI device in North America after continuous experiments and repeated process improvements. Although the company is currently evaluating the polyurethane investment in emerging fields, including TDI projects

the company said that it would continuously evaluate and invest in different technologies in the polyurethane field. In 2009, the company expanded its polyol production in the Netherlands with low speed or high speed. 2. The operating steps of the rubber fatigue testing machine. The design technology and modification technology of high-strength, high-temperature resistant, wear-resistant and super tough high-performance engineering plastics and special engineering plastics; Preparation technology of modified engineering plastics; Preparation technology of high value-added thermoplastic resin with special properties and uses; The key polymer monomer preparation technology is equivalent. The hppo project jointly built with siamcement group (SCG) of Thailand is also planned to be officially started in 2011

Dow is a major TDI manufacturer in the United States, with an annual production capacity of about 105000 tons. Other major TDI suppliers in the United States include BASF and Bayer

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