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Dow: green exterior wall coatings are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly recently, Mr. chendunxiao, general manager of North Asia region of Dow paint materials business department, said that on the basis of investigation, 7.5 if it is required to calculate the standard deviation s, Dow recently released a report to the public to reveal the environmental impact of common exterior wall decoration materials in their life cycle, The environmental performance of the most commonly used water-based coatings for exterior wall decoration in China in the defined life cycle is objectively evaluated, and compared with the less commonly used building tiles. The survey results show that 8 of the 10 research indicators of building exterior wall coatings have less environmental impact than ceramic tiles, so the development of green exterior wall coatings is more in line with the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection

chendunxiao said that the Chinese government plans to build 10million square meters of affordable housing every year, and the construction of third - and fourth tier cities in China also needs cheap and high-quality paint products. Dow will develop various levels of environmental protection products according to the needs of different customers. Recently, the company has established a working platform to develop environmentally friendly coatings with less lotion and higher performance to help customers save formulation costs. "We do not want to see consumers lose confidence in coatings due to the emergence of low-quality coatings in the Chinese market."

the rapid development of urbanization in China has put forward new demands for quality and quantity of interior and exterior wall coatings and wood coatings. In this regard, Chendunxiao said: "As a division of Dow Chemical coating business, we always implement the policy of 'customer first'. While seizing development opportunities, we insist on developing environmentally friendly coating raw materials with excellent performance, clean and energy-saving production process and longer product life cycle to help customers realize value-added and enable end users to obtain the best use value including safety indicators. In the past few years, we have continuously promoted A wide range of products without alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, formaldehyde and low volatile organic compounds have achieved success in the market. "

chendunxiao said that scientific and technological innovation is the most fundamental characteristic of Dow Chemical Company, which also urges Dow to continuously launch the latest environmental protection products in the Chinese market. For example, the water-based shock absorption and noise reduction coating applied to high-speed railway can reduce the running noise of high-speed railway; Water based road marking paint has longer reflective life at night than solvent based paint, and can effectively reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. It has been applied in the expressway around Shanghai, Hong Kong airport and Pudong Airport Phase II

chendunxiao's North Asia region includes China, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions. It is the key service area of Dow paint materials department. "In the past three years, the sales of new products developed locally by Dow in China has accounted for 1/3 of the total sales of architectural coatings in China. In the past, we brought products developed in western countries, such as water-based acrylic acid technology, to China. Now, the new technologies and new products developed in China are not only used for strong adsorption, meeting the needs of the Chinese coating market, but also exported to other countries in the world. For example, The anti formaldehyde technology and products are developed in China according to the requirements of Chinese customers, and have been widely recognized by consumers. The products have been introduced to countries in Southeast Asia and North America. " Chendunxiao said happily that through this case, Dow saw the charm of the Chinese market. Only Chinese natives can develop first-class new products. Moreover, China's acceptance of new things is faster than that of western countries. This also makes Dow look forward to the sustainable development of green and environmentally friendly paint products in the future

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