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Dow launched a new epoxy resin intermediate vorafuse

the extensive use of lightweight materials prompted Dow automotive systems business department to develop a new series of epoxy resin intermediates. Vorafuse resin series combines carbon or glass fiber to accelerate the cycle time and treatment of laminated molding of automotive composite parts

vorafuse can be applied to various auto parts

epoxy fiber composites have lower density, provide competitive advantages and hardness, and can achieve the same functions as traditional metal parts. Vorafuse potential applications are structural applications that require strength, hardness, and lightweight construction. In order to commercialize the roof cover bracket in 2016, vorafuse is improving the lamination molding process, which has reached a fast speed. Of course, not all interior trim parts should meet the above requirements at the same time. It can be processed in minutes in high-volume production, and can be applied to automatic production solutions. Various structural configurations are compatible with vorafuse, including unidirectional bands, wrinkle free composites, etc

vorafuse has two specifications: vorafuse P6300 and vorafuse p6100. Vorafuse P6300 resin system is applied in high-volume production, without robot processing 2D and 3D laminated molding to reduce noise, vibration and irregularity (NVH). Vorafuse p6100 is designed to apply a variety of production process solutions such as high-voltage, and the cost is lower in medium and low production applications

"OEM emission and fuel efficiency requirements are expected to continue to increase. The light material application fatigue testing machine is mainly used to test the fatigue performance of metals and their alloy materials under tensile, compressive or alternating tensile and compressive loads at room temperature." Allan James, manager of NAFTA composite materials Marketing Department of Dow automotive systems, said. "Vorafuse epoxy intermediates support the mass production of high-strength automotive parts. Like other Dow automotive materials, it can be tailored to meet different production and performance needs in a variety of applications."

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