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On August 21, Le Hairui, director of research and development of Dow architecture application Asia Pacific region, told Yi Caijing today that the launch of Dow exterior wall insulation system at the 5th China (Shanghai) International Building Energy Conservation and new building materials exhibition 2009 is a tentative understanding of the needs of the Chinese market, and will cooperate with domestic and foreign developers and design units in the future

it is reported that the system integrates products such as Dow shutailong thermal insulation board, cellulose ether, redispersible latex powder and interface agent, and is the only complete building exterior wall energy-saving scheme that can be provided so far. Previously, Dow shutailong thermal insulation system 1 management test results and test report boards have been stationed in the "Shanghai ecologist" and the Ronald Alps Pavilion in the Expo urban best practice area. "Environmental protection, ecology, health and comfort have become the development trend of the construction and building materials industry in recent years. Dow will continue to promote energy conservation and emission reduction in China's construction industry in the next step." Lehairui said

since the acquisition of Rohm and Haas on April 1 this year, Dow has integrated the construction businesses of the two companies. The newly put into use Dow focused on the construction of Huaibei aluminum based high-end metal materials strategic emerging industry convergence and development base, building application laboratory, has become the development foundation of its Asia Pacific Region

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