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Dow launched shutailong polyurethane thermal insulation material to Canada

Dow architectural application launched a spray polyurethane foam thermal insulation product named shutailong to the Canadian market. Canadian contractors can now order a full range of products from Dow, making Dow a solution manufacturer. Dow Chemical's solutions include high-quality insulation materials, sealants and waterproof products for building shells

shutailong spray polyurethane foam thermal insulation product is a spray type two-component product, which integrates thermal insulation, waterproof and heat insulation, and has excellent thermal insulation performance. The new product can also be transformed and reused by combining with zero ozone depleting foaming agent

the Canadian building materials center evaluated how shutailong sprayed polyurethane foam insulation products have reached the level of how to make the production process more environmentally friendly to can/ulc-705 Standard, the product can strengthen the building structure by improving its peel strength, and is suitable for all kinds of weather, and even can be used in the environment as low as minus 1 degree

any licensed residential and commercial contractor can purchase shutailong sprayed polyurethane foam insulation products. Dow said that the company will cooperate with the existing certified spray polyurethane foam manufacturers to speed up and simplify the certification process, so as to further improve the operation efficiency in the Canadian market

about Dow building application

Dow building application provides innovative materials, technologies and solutions for building energy conservation and living comfort. Its products cover XPS external wall external insulation system and energy-saving roof system with high durability. It has won the "China building energy conservation annual influential enterprise" issued by the Ministry of construction to meet the safety needs and functional requirements of today's medical and health care market, "Top ten exterior wall external insulation enterprises" and "top ten international brands" awards. As the star product of Dow, shutailong thermal insulation board has been applied in 21million buildings around the world, saving about 10billion dollars in energy consumption every year. With its industry-leading quality and thorough technical services under normal use and protection conditions, shutailong has been stationed in two urban best practice areas for Expo Construction Projects - "Hushang ecohome" and "France Ronald Alps Pavilion", to help the pavilion set a model of comfortable environment, show the world the skills and innovation of Dow Chemical in the field of energy-saving and environmental protection buildings, and promote energy-saving and environmental protection home into thousands of households. Dow's continuous exploration in the field of architectural application will lead to a new era of urban residential and architectural development in the future

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