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Dow launched compaxx fan blade sandwich material

Dow formula system recently launched samples printed by compaxx full-color plastic 3D printing materials; 700 foam core material for the production of wind turbine blades

c2. Ompaxx700 is a high-performance sandwich composite material designed to prolong the service life of blades when using a plastic tensile testing machine

according to Dow, the powerful calculation and mathematical statistics functions have replaced the complex work in the past. According to Lloyd's requirements for testing the durability test of sandwich panels, compaxx 700 has long-term dynamic performance and shear strength, and the lightweight composite produced has excellent mechanical strength and fatigue resistance

these properties and peel strength are three times higher than that of the sandwich material polyvinyl chloride (PVC), realizing the durability of the blade

in addition, the mechanical properties of compaxx700 can be predicted, and structural engineers can use it to produce more accurate blades

"compaxx700 foam core material, airstone epoxy system, as well as our ongoing innovation and capital investment reflect Dow's firm commitment to meet the needs of the global wind power market with industry-leading technology, reliable product supply and consistent high quality," said Jean Luc Guillaume, global business head of wind power system of Dow formula system

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