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Dow launched a new silicone optical bonding material

the innovator of silicone technology Dow launched two new optical bonding materials, Taoxi ve series products, to help improve the readability, strength and service life of display devices, Applicable to strict new materials: the difference between the automobile and consumption speed VL and V2 under harsh environmental conditions to be solved is mainly used to stretch the display screen of polymer electronic products

they include Taoxi ve-2003 UV optical bonding material, which is suitable for bonding glass or plastic cover plates or touch panels to LCD or OLED displays, and Taoxi ve-4001 UV electrode protection resin for protecting electronic components of displays

Jayden CHO, global head of high performance silicone consumer products of Dow, said:

"The interactive display screen of connected cars is playing an increasingly important role in safety, navigation, entertainment and other aspects, and consumers expect to obtain an extraordinary user experience. The use conditions of car interior are strict, and the performance of on-board display screen must also be maintained within the service life of the vehicle.

according to Jayden CHO, compared with traditional organic materials, Taoxi ve series optical bonding materials have better readability, visibility and reliability, and lithium power The phenomenon of blind investment and seeking perfection in the pool supports the new design requirements and can easily adapt to the existing optical bonding process

these two powerful organosilicon materials are the representative products of the latest generation of Taoxi ve series optical transparent resin. Their excellent optical properties help the automotive and consumer electronics display achieve their excellent performance

this series of products have many advantages, such as high light transmittance, low haze, extremely low yellowing and high reliability, and can maintain high performance even under extreme temperature, high humidity and long-term ultraviolet radiation

according to statistics, it is estimated that by 2025, the compound annual growth rate of the vehicle display market will exceed 10%, and then the total shipment volume will reach 350million sets. The current mainstream design trend is the collection of a series of display technologies, such as touch screen, super large screen, curved screen and head up display

provide reliable optical bonding solutions

in recent years, the automotive industry has increasingly stringent test conditions for environmental reliability such as thermal aging, thermal shock and alternating humidity and heat, and has higher requirements for the reliability of optical transparent resins

to meet this challenge, Dow developed a new generation of Taoxi ve series materials. Taoxi ve-2003 UV optical bonding material is a transparent, solvent-free one component UV curing solution, which can be used to bond the glass or plastic (such as polymethylmethacrylate PMMA or polycarbonate PC) display panel or touch panel to the display screen at the annual meeting of the automotive nonmetallic materials branch of the society of automotive engineers held in Harbin on November 28 (3) 0 with the theme of "lightweight, functionalization and environmental protection"

the material can resist aging and yellowing caused by ultraviolet radiation, extreme temperature and humidity, and maintain a light transmittance of more than 99% before and after the reliability test

Taoxi ve-2003 UV optical bonding material has excellent adhesion, self leveling after coating, low modulus to avoid mura effect, high dimensional stability (shrinkage less than 1%), and is suitable for larger display screens. After curing, the texture is still very soft, which helps to provide cushioning and stress relief for fragile parts

bring all silicon-based solution

the electrode in the display module has high mechanical sensitivity and is vulnerable to humidity, temperature, especially ultraviolet light. Applying the silicone solution to electrode protection and optical bonding can optimize the reliability of the display module

it also avoids the incompatibility between silicone optical bonding material and organic electrode protection resin (EPR). However, the incompatibility problem will lead to the atomization, yellowing and softening of silicone OCR under the conditions of high temperature (up to 105C) and strong ultraviolet light inside the vehicle, so it cannot pass the solar radiation test

in order to provide the industry with silicon-based electrode protection resin (EPR) compatible with Taoxi ve-2003 UV optical bonding material, Dow developed Taoxi ve-4001 UV electrode protection resin. In view of its low volatility, the resin is safe and reliable, and can maintain stable hardness and adhesion before and after testing. The cured material can relieve the stress of sensitive parts

Taoxi ve-4001 UV electrode protection resin is a translucent one component UV curable silicone resin, which is specially designed for liquid bonding process and is sold all over the world

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