The hottest Dow earned $10.5 billion in the first

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Dow's first plastic bottle has a variety of tricks, which has won it more markets. It is scheduled to make a profit of $105million in a single quarter. On April 25, Michigan: Dow, the largest chemical manufacturer in the United States, recently announced that it made a profit of $105million in the first quarter of this year, but the falling prices of plastic and chemical products have led to a decline in sales

DuPont, the second largest chemical producer in the United States, also announced that it would cut thousands of employees. DuPont also said recently that its quarterly profit fell 3.4% to $479million

although the sales volume of plastic and chemical products increased by 4%, the operating income still fell due to the price reduction of 19%. However, the company's executives also pointed out that the demand for products, whether Mercedes Benz or BMW, may pick up

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