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On May 4, Dow oil & gas division announced the launch of Neptune advanced submarine oil pipe insulation system

according to the introduction, the system is designed and developed to resist the increasingly harsh environmental conditions in the exploitation of underwater oil fields, and its performance exceeds the existing level of submarine oil pipe insulation technology. During installation and use, its temperature tolerance range can reach -40 ℃ ~160 ℃. Underwater and operating tools in strict accordance with relevant operations have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. The operating depth can reach 4km. In addition, the system is not only compatible with the current mining and installation methods in the industry, but also eliminates the independent bonding layer, only two layers of materials, simplifies the construction process and reduces the potential failure probability. It is reported that through the supply network of Dow global applicators, the system has passed strict testing and realized commercial application, and solutions for pipelines and interfaces will be launched soon

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