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Dow and Bosch jointly launched the all polyethylene flexible packaging solution

Dow's chemical packaging and special plastics business department launched all polyethylene laminates in the Indian packaging market to provide convenient and fast recycling solutions for used packaging bags in the country

"adopting this internally developed production line is the key for us to successfully produce high-quality final parts. We use special packaging materials to design a sustainable solution - all polyethylene laminate. This enables us to produce films that will not affect the packaging quality or performance, and the materials are completely renewable and recycled." Said Vipul Babu, commercial director of Dow Chemical Packaging specialty plastics in the Indian subcontinent

in order to demonstrate the advantages of this new technology, Dow Chemical and packaging machinery manufacturer Bosch conducted a technical demonstration to flexible packaging manufacturers and brand owners at the Bosch Production Base in India. Through this joint effort, Dow Chemical and Bosch aim to provide useful solutions to the recycling challenges faced by the flexible packaging industry

the all polyethylene single material laminated material solution is a part of Dow Chemical's sustainable flexible packaging solution in India. It can more effectively recycle and reuse flexible packaging materials, and promote the sustainable development of circular economy due to the administrative penalty imposed on one enterprise

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