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Our news: the most important thing for the competitiveness of enterprises is their learning ability. Learning enterprises are based on a common vision, characterized by team learning, and centered on the all-round development of enterprises and individuals, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. On the occasion of dieyilan's 20th anniversary, the human resources department held the "recruitment and etiquette training for dieyilan's 20th anniversary", which presented a gift to dieyilan at the age of 20. Nearly 40 middle and senior management cadres from Foshan dieyilan company and Zhuzhou dieyilan company participated in the training

group photo of Foshan dieyilan Zhuzhou dieyilan middle and senior management cadres and teachers

the course lasts for one day. In the morning, teacher Li Xinxing, a professional lecturer of Zhuzhou Diamond Human Resources Management Service Co., Ltd., gave a systematic training on how to conduct enterprise recruitment. Mr. Li focused on the cost of recruitment, such as time cost, training cost, personnel loss cost, legal risk cost and other important aspects, especially when the teacher talked about the most important recruitment method of the enterprise, "full Recruitment", which caused everyone's applause. The afternoon course is etiquette training, which is mainly taught by teacher Wang Liang from Hunan University of technology with ten years of etiquette training experience. Its humorous language and scene simulation teaching method allow students to learn and apply it in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere




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