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Full package, half package, clear package or other? Countless people have asked this question, and many have answered it. Let's take a look at the concepts of these three decoration methods first

full package, half package, clear package or other? Countless people have asked this question, and many have answered it. Let's take a look at the concepts of these three decoration methods first

all inclusive: also known as "turnkey" project, that is, the procurement of all main and auxiliary materials is undertaken by the decoration company, and the owner only carries out the final completion acceptance

many people think this method is the most time-saving, trouble-free and worry-free, as long as you pay on time. But this kind of malpractice is very big. There are too many tricks in it, which can be described as "impossible to prevent". Facing a new house, which owner doesn't want to decorate beautifully, not only to meet the simple living requirements, but also to meet the requirements of practicality, functionality and environmental protection

however, at present, the decoration industry has no unified standards, no professional certified construction personnel, no strict construction technology, or the owners can't get a handle on the industry, and the characteristics of "one hammer" trading. "All inclusive" led to the final unsatisfactory construction quality, which not only did not save money, but also "time-consuming and laborious" when investigating the responsibility of the decoration company

I think the following personnel are suitable for all inclusive:

1 Business people who have money but no time, and know nothing about decoration. (after all, if enough profits are given to the decoration company, the materials can also be guaranteed)

2 Have the right, have enough rights to restrict the decoration company. At this time, if you let the decoration company cut corners, he won't

3. Ordinary people who don't have much money and have little rights, but don't have high requirements for the decoration effect, or the owners who are ready to decorate the house and rent it

in addition to the above three types of people, I think other friends should not choose "all inclusive"

half package: that is, the main materials such as ceramic tiles, floors, cabinets, coatings, electrical appliances and sanitary ware are purchased by themselves, while the other auxiliary materials are borne by the decoration company

this method avoids many disadvantages and trickiness of "all inclusive", but it also has shortcomings: Decoration auxiliary materials seem to be few, but they also account for a large part of the whole cost. At the same time, the brand of auxiliary materials cannot be controlled. Who knows what materials the decoration company gives you, especially paint, wires, water pipes and other materials. If the materials are not good, it will lead to serious consequences such as excessive pollutants, circuit fire, pipe leakage and so on, It will have a significant impact on your subsequent life. Suitable for friends with moderate decoration budget and little spare time

unpacking: purchase all materials and only let the decoration team do manual work. It is suitable for friends who have a tight budget for decoration, have a lot of spare time, and have a certain ability to distinguish the quality and authenticity of materials

here I recommend a contracting method: "all inclusive of cleaning and auxiliary materials". It may be strange to hear this name. What kind of contract is this? Now I'll explain in detail:

1. If you can give it all to professional contractors, try to give it all. For example:

kitchen and bathroom ceiling can choose integrated ceiling and let the manufacturer install it

cabinets are customized and installed by the manufacturer

door and window sets can be ordered, measured, made and installed by the manufacturer

the purchase and installation of wood flooring are completed by the same manufacturer

the wiring and installation of water pipes should be directly completed by the manufacturer

it not only has guaranteed quality, but also has certain after-sales service. The total price is about the same as that of the decoration company, but the effect is much better than that of the construction team

2. If you can't figure it out, give it all to the decoration company. For example:

gypsum board ceiling and TV background wall, you can't know the exact amount of wood, nails and glue. At this time, you can contract the decoration team as a whole

marble windowsill, door stone

pvc conduit

cabinet made of carpentry

there is a prerequisite for this: the brand and model of materials and construction technology should be clearly specified; Calculate the specific quantity by yourself (such as the area of the ceiling, the area of the windowsill, and the size of the cabinet); We should refer to the relevant price range and set a reasonable price

3. If you can figure it out, you must buy the main materials by yourself, and the auxiliary materials can be packed to the decoration team. For example:

ceramic tiles, caulking agents are purchased by yourself, and auxiliary materials such as cement, sand and glue are packed to the decoration team

buy Wires by yourself

silicone can be purchased by yourself

waterproof materials shall be purchased by yourself




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