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the change of customer demand is faster and faster, and the turnover rate of front-line employees is higher and higher. With the rise of labor costs, dynamic employment and structural employment have become inevitable. In such a market environment and social environment, door and window manufacturers should maintain the competitive advantage of high quality, high efficiency, low cost and rapid response, and standardized operation management is a crucial link

standardized operation, standardized operation, change point management and improvement and optimization are the dynamic cycles of standardized operation management. The practice of enterprises in Japan and the United States has proved that the better the standardization of operation is, the lower the dependence on the skills of employees is, the faster the new employees start; The better the standardized operation is done, the more qualified the production personnel are to manage the change points, and the more time the front-line cadres have to promote improvement and optimization; The result of continuous improvement and optimization is the continuous improvement and dynamic maintenance of the enterprise operation standardization system. Therefore, Japanese and American enterprises in China can even use more than 40% of seasonal labor, and maintain strong market competitiveness. Standardized operation management is indispensable

I. what is standardized management

1. The definition of standardization management. The so-called standardization refers to all kinds of norms in the enterprise, such as regulations, rules, standards, essentials, etc. these norms form written things, which are collectively referred to as standards (or standard books). Setting standards and then acting on them is called standardization. Those who believe that the standardization has been completed after the preparation or modification of the standard are wrong. Only after guidance and training can it be regarded as the implementation of standardization

2. Standards can be divided into technical standards and management standards:

2.1 technical standards: technical guidelines for things that need to be unified and coordinated in technical activities. It is the best solution to the universal and recurring technical problems according to the scientific and technological level and practical experience in different periods

2.2 management standard: it is the specific standard of all aspects of business management activities and management business stipulated by the enterprise in order to ensure and improve product quality and achieve the overall quality goal. According to the scope of action, standards can be divided into international standards, national standards, ministerial standards and enterprise standards. According to the status of production process, there are raw material standards, parts standards, process and process equipment standards, product standards, etc. In the standardization work, standards are usually summarized as: basic standards, product standards, method standards and health and safety standards

3. Significance of standardized management standardization is the highest form of institutionalization, which can be applied to production, development and design, management, etc., and is a very effective working method. Whether an enterprise can win in the market competition determines the survival of the enterprise. Whether the standardization work of enterprises can play a role in the market competition determines the status and value of standardization in enterprises

II. The current situation of standardized management of door and window enterprises

1. The management process is lack of standards

from the perspective of time factors, any operation process is the result of the alternating action of certain elements in a certain space and time. Therefore, the standardization of process management is first reflected in the standardization of operating procedures. At present, most domestic door and window enterprises are still in the state of Eight Immortals crossing the sea, showing their magic powers, striving for orders or trying to cope with order delivery. The management of the whole company can be said to have no system, let alone the standardization of the management process

2. Lack of standards for operation behavior

at present, domestic door and window enterprises basically lack training ability. The actual production and work behavior of employees basically rely on the old to bring the new, and rely on their own understanding. The enterprise itself has no standards, that is, they can't promote and train the standards, and the standardization of employees' behavior has become a flower in the water. The standardization of behavior is of great significance to safety and product quality. Man is not only a participating element in the operation process, but also the master who controls the operation process and operation mode

3. The standardization of the working environment is a hardware facility to guide employees to implement standards on the production site. That is, a standardized operation site should be achieved, and the operation equipment and devices are required to have good performance and qualified installation; Equip safety facilities with good performance according to standards, and install safety signs and safety signboards; Tools and materials are placed neatly and standardized; Only by standardizing the sanitation of the working environment can we effectively implement the standardization. At present, the production environment of many door and window enterprises can't go into the site at all, and it's impossible for employees to comply with the standards in a dirty and messy site

4. The equipment management is not bad no matter

the equipment operation process should be monitored according to certain requirements, and this kind of monitoring should be programmed and standardized. Standards for inspection, maintenance and regular repair of various types of equipment should be formulated according to their characteristics. At the same time, the inspection and maintenance process should also be standardized. At present, the equipment management of many door and window enterprises is basically in a state of no care, with neither equipment management standards nor maintenance

5. The production operation management system is imperfect

the production operation management system includes the standardization of management system, safety information and safety business activities. The standardization of management system is to standardize the implementation of various safety management systems, including safety inspection system, safety education system, accident investigation system, accident analysis system, hidden danger handling system, emergency accident handling procedures, staff safety standards, team safety work system, etc. These systems require complete contents, clear responsibilities, specific and feasible, and form an accident prediction and prevention system. At present, many door and window enterprises have basically no system for production management. It's good for the person in charge of production to be responsible for production and delivery, and the details of products can never be done well

III. how to promote standardization in door and window enterprise management

1. The main purpose of standardization is in the factory. The so-called "manufacturing" is to produce products with specified quality and specifications at the specified cost and working hours. In order to achieve the above purpose, if the operations on the manufacturing site, such as the sequence before and after the process, are changed at will, or the operation methods or operation conditions are changed according to different people, the products that meet the above purpose must not be produced. Therefore, the operation process, operation method and operation conditions must be specified and implemented to standardize them

standardization has the following purposes: technical reserve, improving efficiency, preventing recurrence, education and training; The main function of standardization is to preserve the technology and experience accumulated by the members of the enterprise in the form of documents, instead of losing the whole technology and experience due to the flow of personnel. Organizations will know as much as individuals know, that is, transforming personal experience (wealth) into enterprise wealth; Because of standardization, even if different people operate each work, there will not be too much difference in efficiency and quality because of different people. If there is no standardization, when the old employee leaves, he will take away all the valuable experience such as the corresponding methods and operation skills that have had problems in his mind, and the new employee may repeat the previous problems. Even if they are taught at the time of handover, it is difficult to remember them completely by memory. Without standardization, different masters will bring out different apprentices, and the consistency of their work results can be imagined

2. Establishment steps of standardization management enterprise standardization work should climb three steps and take the "three steps"

Step 1: establish an effective standard system with product standards as the core

Step 2: establish a standard training system centered on the implementation of the standard system

step 3: establish an implementation control system to supervise the effective implementation of the standard system

the specific meaning of these three steps is:

Step 1: establish an effective standard system with product standards as the core. Ensure the stability of product quality and the improvement of production efficiency, so that enterprises can have standards for everything in management

step 2: establish a standard training system with the implementation of the standard system as the core, establish the training system of the enterprise and form a training mechanism to ensure that all posts can receive relevant standard training and lay a solid foundation for the implementation of the standard

step 3: no inspection is equal to no management. For the implementation and implementation of standards, a supervision and control system should be established to ensure that each post can operate according to the standards, and those who do not meet the standards can be found and corrected in time

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