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Therapy dogs bring joy to kids at Chile hospital - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

At a children’s hospital in Santiago there is a flurry of excitement over a delegation of special visitors: a four-legged quartet has arrived to offer some reprieve from sickness and pain with their wagging tails and soulful eyes.

Pipa, Morron, Pepe and Chimu are regular visitors to the Exequiel Gonzalez Pediatrics Hospital in the Chilean capital, where they bring as much joy to children awaiting surgery as to their caregivers, many emotionally and physically drained by months battling the Covid-19 pandemicbound fo.

Sporting hospital visitor’s tags with their names and mugshots, the motley crew — two big dogs and two small — make their way from bed to beds growing daily., sharing cuddles and sitting patiently through the often inept attempts of small hands at brushing their coats.

For a momentgallardo_celina, the little ones forget their pain, their bandages, and the incessant beeping of hospital electronics.

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