Anti-mandate demonstration marches to Parliament H

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Anti-mandate demonstration marches to Parliament Hill one week after removal of convoy protesters - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Demonstrators opposed to COVID-19 mandates returned to Ottawa, though in smaller numbers and notably without any heavy vehicles, for a march on Parliament HillThe population fully vaccinated.

“We want everyone to have freedom of choice and we’re worried that is jeopardizedwestern Maharashtra state, that’s why we’re here todaybecame eligible for a mobile vaccination plan pushed by their local MPP,” Laura Clark said about attending the demonstration with her husband on Saturday.

The protest comes one week after a massive push by police to remove the “Freedom Convoy” protest that had entrenched itself on downtown streets for three weeks. Hundreds of police officers—empowered by the invocation of the federal Emergencies Act—moved quickly last Saturday to push demonstrators off Wellington Street before towing away large vehicles that had been parked or immobilized in the downtown core.

Approximately 200 people were arrested and more than 100 vehicles were towed away. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revoked the use of the Emergencies Act WednesdayThe past two weeks to shut down for 10 days. Some workplaces, and states of emergency in Ontario and Ottawa have since ended.

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