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We still need to overcome difficulties to promote the development of cabinet hardware accessories market

up to now, domestic cabinet hardware accessories enterprises have not appeared a number of well-known leading brands in the cabinet market. However, now is an era dominated by brand consumption, and consumers tend to brand products, especially some trustworthy brands with good reputation. Therefore, it can be inferred that the development potential of brand cabinet hardware market is great. Whoever takes the lead in winning the leading brand position relying on the existing industrial foundation in Huzhou, Jiaxing, Jinhua, Quzhou and other places will be the first person to eat crabs, and will surely gain huge profits. However, the development of brand cabinet hardware is restricted by several factors. To establish a brand, we must overcome these difficulties, and the cost will undoubtedly be huge

the wrong interface can damage the equipment

serious homogenization and lack of brand concept

domestic cabinet hardware generally uses the following formula to calculate the mold size: the industry is in the development stage, and the overall production scale is large, but due to technical constraints, homogenization is quite serious, and the brand concept is seriously lacking. Because the dealer has no production capacity, one of his important profit guarantees is regional protection to obtain monopoly profits. Many hardware factories just blindly sell products and compete for prices. There is no systematic marketing planning, lack of regional market protection, and there is no stable price system. Money is a mother. Often a city sells well, other peers flock to purchase. The original exclusive and marketable products have become everywhere, and the prices have been rapidly lowered. Dealers are tired, and the hard-working business is easy to be followed up and surpassed by peers, Has not been able to occupy a large market share

there is no professional marketing channel

in the cabinet hardware market, consumers can't find professional sales channels, and people with spending power don't know where to buy their favorite. B. Jinan experimental machine's requirements for fixture data: products, dozens of home textile stores in a city, but there is not even a cabinet hardware store. This is a huge market space

the product line is not enough to support the operation of professional stores

almost all the existing hardware in the market can only make products of a certain type or material. The product line is far from enough to support the operation of a professional store, especially the middle and high-end franchise stores, and the follow-up research and development ability is not strong. Due to the complex sources, daily-use hardware stores often become grocery stores and a consortium of several manufacturers, with mixed products, The consequence of this is that consumers can not be given good after-sales service and stable quality assurance, there is no brand loyalty, and the ability to resist risks is also very low

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