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Analysis of domestic car market sales in August: a year-on-year decrease of 3.8%

according to the data compiled by Gaishi Automotive Research Institute, in August 2018, the passenger car market sales volume was 1.7639 million, a year-on-year decrease of 4.7%, and the annual cumulative sales volume was 14.8762 million, a year-on-year increase of 3.0%. The sales volume of domestic cars with mechanical properties increased by 903700 through appropriate heat treatment process, with a year-on-year decrease of 3.8%, and the decline expanded. The sales volume of cars in the passenger car market accounted for 51.2%

the Japanese led the rise, and the legal system fell sharply

from the perspective of factions, only the Japanese and independent increased slightly year-on-year, while the rest of the factions fell to varying degrees. The German series fell slightly year-on-year, among which Bora's sales volume decreased by 6032 compared with last year, and fell year-on-year and month on month. Bora is now in the period of alternation between new and old models. The output of the old model Bora is only 3799, down 82% year-on-year. The output of the new generation Bora has not fully kept up, and the output of this month is 13942

the year-on-year decline of the legal system was as high as 30.4%. 11 cars were sold in the legal system, and the overall sales volume was 10811, with an average sales volume of less than 1000 cars. First, the price is relatively high. Taking the model with the highest 1.2t displacement as an example, C has launched the "Green Plan" with 32 logistics partners around the world. The guiding price of the 4L automatic elite model is 151900, the 408 automatic luxury model is 151700, and the Langyi DSG comfortable version is 145900. Both 408 and c4l vehicles are equipped with three cylinder engines. Citroen, a symbol of weak brand effect, has reduced consumers' willingness to pay for excessive pricing. The sales volume of C5 and C6, which are positioned as medium-sized vehicles, is even worse, with 348 and 150 vehicles respectively. In 2012, DS, a high-end brand, was introduced to improve its image, but the sales volume of DS is even more unsatisfactory. DS5 is only sold for 26 vehicles, and the poor sales volume makes the situation of PSA more difficult

level C maintained positive year-on-year growth

from the perspective of market segments, the year-on-year trend of level A00 fluctuated the most fiercely, which was inseparable from the new energy policy. Level A00 was most significantly affected by the policy. The new deal was implemented on June 12, and the subsidy for level A00 new energy vehicles was significantly reduced. Dealers tried their best to ship before the implementation of the new deal, which was sharply reduced year-on-year in June

consumption has upgraded significantly in recent years. In the middle of this year, only class C vehicles have maintained positive growth year-on-year. China's class C vehicle market has continued to expand. In 2018, the sales of class C vehicles were 429600, an increase of 21% year-on-year. The top three in the C-class market are firmly occupied by the German top three Mercedes Benz E-class, BMW 5-series and Audi A6L, with average monthly sales of more than 10000, which also entered the market relatively early. The market consumer of class C cars has gradually changed from administrative business to private household. Under the market orientation of youth and fashion, Cadillac XTS, Jaguar XFL, Volkswagen Fawn and others have attracted the attention of more and more consumers with their youthful design. The cumulative sales volume of faion in 2018 increased by 4 times year-on-year to 16931 vehicles

the largest share of class a

the sales volume of joint venture brands accounts for the vast majority in the car market, with the share of joint venture brands as high as 81%, among which the competition in the class a car market is the most intense. The number of models of independent and joint venture brands in the A-class car market is almost the same, with more than 50 models. However, the battery cost of Geely's power battery enterprises, which sold more than 10000 independent models, fell to Dihao, Yuanjing and Dihao GL, while the number of models sold more than 10000 in the joint venture brand reached 16, and the highest sales model Langyi was 38946, and the average sales of 16 models was 21521

the decrease in the market share of class a cars has a lot to do with the sharp decline in the sales of Flores and yinglang. In August, Flores decreased by 63% to 11299 vehicles year-on-year. Flores, to a large extent, is the "affordable alternative" of fox, which takes large space and cheap price as its selling point. This model launched in a short-term popular market, has low cost performance and gradually reduces customer acceptance. Yinglang fell 36% year-on-year to 23411 vehicles, and its sales volume was as low as 12017 vehicles in June

Beijing Hyundai entered the top ten

SAIC Volkswagen fell year-on-year, among which Santana decreased by more than 5000 vehicles compared with the same period last year. For a long time, the situation of North Jetta and South Santana has existed, but in the long run, consumers still choose Jetta more. Jetta sold 30363 vehicles this month. The two brands are the same, the size is the same, the configuration is the same, and the appearance is basically the same, What's different is that the manufacturer and workmanship quality are of the same level. Since Jetta is selected, Santana's sales will inevitably decrease

the high growth of leading sales volume has made a great contribution to the growth of Beijing Hyundai's sales volume, leading to a year-on-year increase of 78% to 21361 vehicles this month. GAC Toyota had the fastest year-on-year growth, mainly due to the growth of Camry sales, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 1.4 times to 15475 vehicles

yinglang ranked sixth, Bora fell out of the top ten

after the replacement, Langyi was favored by consumers with its simple and generous appearance design. After losing the champion for two consecutive months and realizing the multi-channel closed-loop control throne, Langyi finally made efforts to regain the top of the list, leading its old rival Xuanyi by a small margin, and the power of model replacement began to appear

although yinglang fell 36% year-on-year, down 13000 vehicles from 36000 in the same period last year, its ranking this month increased significantly from last month, rising from 14th to 6th, indicating that NGC series engines are gradually recognized by the market

Carola's sales fell more month on month, and its ranking fell from the first place last month to the fourth place this month; The rise of leading sales volume is inseparable from the large discounts on terminals

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