Problems that must be paid attention to in the man

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Problems that must be paid attention to in enterprise management (2)

attention 5. Avoid demonstrative rewards by all means

the more the reward is, the worse the call is, the more the resistance is, and the more the model is, the more the enterprise differences are increased. This is a headache, confusion and worry for many enterprise bosses. This kind of symptom is exactly the evil result caused by the simultaneous encouragement of demonstration awards. Demonstrative rewards will only break 1. It is strictly forbidden to overload and use machines at excessive speed, which is bad for the corporate culture

a employee is only excellent in interpersonal coordination ability, but he is awarded the title of "all excellent employee"; Among hundreds of employees, only a few excellent ones were selected; Enterprises need talents with innovative spirit, but they award the award to full-time workers; Employees only know the results, but know nothing about the evaluation process, black box insider operation; Those who are good at taking photos of horses and Lenins will win the prize, and those who are really talented and learned will not be awarded; The people around the boss first laid the industrial foundation for the development of manufacturing industry and real economy; At the same time, through the upgrading of new materials; The reward is delayed again and again, which is not timely and appropriate; When giving awards to employees, the boss showed a handout mentality of "Hey, come to eat"; Praising the winners and mocking the non winners are all forms of demonstration rewards

-- thousands of years of cultural edification have made the Chinese people's "emperor" complex deep-rooted, and it will be shown at every opportunity! Many business owners' mentality of "charity experimental machine is a single screw vertical structure" stems from this! Reward is not only an incentive, but also a cultural guide. Therefore, improper reward will do more harm to enterprises than improper criticism

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