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Problems and matters needing attention in the combination of relay and flow switch

flow switch is often used in conjunction with relay in application. Some customers often encounter many problems when using Ximen electromechanical flow switch to make data processing function powerful. Now let's make a simple and practical explanation and Analysis on relay wiring and relay power and voltage selection, To help customers who use the flow switch answer the above questions

I. The relationship between the wire pin judgment and the wire pin of the relay: generally, the shell of the relay is marked. If not, it is also very simple to measure it with a multimeter: preparation: 5V power supply, multimeter


1. Find out the coil pin

use a multimeter to measure the resistance between the pins. The resistance value is in FL - the lower limit frequency (Hz) hundreds to the key parts are controlled by people. The two pins of 1K ohms are coil pins. Note that the coils of some relays are divided into positive and negative poles. Although the reverse connection will not be damaged, it will not act

2. Find out the normally open and normally closed points

use a multimeter to measure the four pins except the coil. The two pins that are connected are normally closed. Apply 5V DC to the coil to make the relay act, and they should be disconnected; If it is not disconnected, the internal connection is short circuited

apply 5V DC to the coil to make the relay act. At this time, use a multimeter to measure. If two pins that were not connected are connected, they are normally open

3. Pins related to both normally open and normally closed points are common terminals

second, pay attention to the matching of the power and voltage of the flow switch. Compared with the pure electric vehicle, the hybrid electric vehicle carries more batteries, and the flow switch must not be directly connected to the electrical serial circuit to avoid burning out. (end)

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