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Procedures and basic methods for signing the authenticity of cigarettes

1. Strip packaging

(1) transparent paper packaging 1. The transparent paper used for high-quality cigarette strip packaging has a low friction coefficient; Generally, generic membrane is used for counterfeit cigarettes. Identification method: the real smoke is smooth, and the fake smoke stagnates the hand. 2. Size: the width of transparent paper wrapped with soft wrapping strip is 340mm, and the width of hard flip smoke is 350mm. 3. The shape of transparent paper seal (LAP) is flat: the sealing is flat and wrinkle free; Straight: parallel to the edge, in a straight line; Uniform: the width is uniform. 4. The wrinkle and folding size of two sealed real cigarettes should be basically the same. Because the transparent paper is too large, the folding size of two ends is often inconsistent, and sharp ends often appear. 5. Pull wire (strap) (1) first check whether there is any, there should be, there should be No. (2) Pull head type: semicircular type: hard flip cigarettes from Shanghai and Kunming cigarette factories, soft and hard box cigarettes from Yuxi cigarette factory. Horseshoe type: soft pack cigarettes from Kunming Tobacco Factory and Honghe tobacco factory. Square type: some soft pack cigarettes produced by Yuxi tobacco factory. (3) Line printing (with letter line printing) a: the meaning of the word cannot be wrong; B: The font strokes are clear and complete, and the size spacing is uniform; C: The printing is firm and cannot be erased; D: Hot melt adhesive process is adopted for stay wire adhesion. Key points of transparent paper: texture, lap and shape of stay wire head

(II) strip box 1. Printing (1) color: hot gold, general electrochemical aluminum hot stamping, real smoke, good gloss, glittering; Fake smoke has poor gloss and is dull. Main famous cigarette bronzing positions: Hongtashan: mountain body, factory name, etc; Red plum: Plum pile, stamen, etc; Ashima: portrait, etc; Peony: the edge of flowers and leaves; Double happiness (Shanghai): beside the word "Xi". There is a matt line about mm wide at the gluing part of the real smoke. (2) Pattern: the pattern should be clear. At this time, bamboo powder mainly loses low boiling point volatile materials (3) content: brand, specification, type, aphorism, factory name, registered trademark symbol R. The requirements for fonts are: clear and complete strokes, uniform font size spacing and uniform color. 2. Size: the length of the soft bag is 270mm or 273mm; Hard flip 280mm, 281mm, 282mm, 283mm, 285mm. 3. Sealing methods: (1) non stick European style top opening cigarettes: Hard box cigarettes from Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming factories; (2) American side seal, three-point, soft pack cigarettes and some hard pack cigarettes are widely used; (3) There are few two-point models, which are adopted by hard Marlboro. 4. Requirements for the position and shape of the sealing point: keep a certain distance from both ends, and the points are uniform. Shape of the point: the shape of the sealing point on a cigarette should be basically the same; Different manufacturers and models have slightly different shapes, such as Kunming is larger and Shanghai is smaller. 5. Adhesives generally use cold glue, that is, white glue, and some also use hot melting and heating. 6. The counterfeit cigarettes recycled from the old box mainly include: Zhonghua, Hongtashan, Yuxi, Ashima, Sanwu, peony, Yunyan, etc. Its characteristics are as follows: (1) there are often signs of wear and stain at the corners; (2) There are two traces of sticking or unsealing after removal

II. Small box packaging

(I) transparent paper packaging 1. The texture friction coefficient is low, which is 0.38, which is basically consistent with the strip box. 2. With the same cigarette at the sealing position, each cigarette bag is arranged in the same direction, and has a high degree of reproducibility, and the manual packaging position is inconsistent. 3. Stay wire

(1) stay wire head shape square: focke machine, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming factory hard box cigarette; Semicircle type: sasib6000 packaging machine; Oval type (horseshoe type): GDX1, GDX2 packaging machine. Check the key points of stay wire head: A. whether the shape is consistent; B. Whether it is regular and symmetrical (that is, the circle should be round, the square should be square, and the ellipse should be elliptical); C. The position and size of stay wire head in the same smoke shall be consistent. (2) The stroke of line printing is clear and complete, the spacing of word size is uniform, and the size should be consistent with the original. At the same time, pay attention to the meaning of the word. (2) Sealing label (mouth flower) 1. Printing (1) color: it should be basically the same, and it is common for it to be light or dark. (2) Font: real smoke is clear, fake smoke is not clear. 2. The glue trace on the back should be in two parallel lines with a width of 2mm. 3. The positions of each cigarette packet and label in the same cigarette are compared and checked, and the real cigarette is basically the same. 4. The inspection of the old seal (1) there are traces of overlapping and sticking seals; (2) Sometimes there is damage. (3) Cigarette label (cigarette trademark logo) 1. Specification gdx1:155mm*100.8mm or 154mm*100.5mm,

sasib6000:159mm*100.5mm2, printing (1) color and position of bronzing Hongtashan: mountain body, factory name, brand name; Red plum: Plum pile, stamen, etc; Ashima: portrait, etc; Stone Forest: pattern border; Special painting garden: side warning sentence; Special Red River: small box side; Peony: flowers, leaves, brand name edge; Double happiness: word side. Note: the real smoke is glittering, and the fake smoke is dim. (2) There is no gloss at the place where the glue is stuck. (3) Font warning statement, fake cigarette "health" and "quantity" are not clear. 3. Anti counterfeiting marks (1) cigarettes using anti-counterfeiting technology, cigarette labels or transparent paper should have anti-counterfeiting marks that meet the requirements; Many lists in the laboratory machine industry that have been cancelled or rectified are well-known (2) the anti-counterfeiting signs cannot be used as the basis for judging the true and false cigarettes, but can be used as a reference basis. 4. Sealing (1) glue agent: white glue is generally used for sealing. (2) Gluing trace GDX2: five point arrangement in strip shape. There is a glue mark behind the paper on the tongue. Focke: the small box is glued and sealed with three parallel glue lines, and there are two glue marks behind the tongue paper. G and the formula can be modified to improve the consistency of test data dx1: the side sealing is a three segment glue line, and the upper one is slightly shorter; Generally, the adhesive is not applied to the edge of machine packaging, but there is room for it (a little peeling can raise the edge). 5. Old cigarette labels fake Zhonghua, Hongtashan, San Wu, Ashima cigarettes and use old cigarette labels. Attention during identification: (1) fold and wear the flap; (2) Wrinkling at the sealing place of transparent paper; (3) Pay attention to the bottom of the soft bag and whether there is any unpacking trace or secondary glue trace in the mouth. (4) Inner paper 1. At present, there are two kinds of aluminum foil paper: electrostatic aluminized paper: slightly less glossy, less straight, and more oxidized; Composite aluminum foil paper: good gloss, straight, less oxidation. Famous and high-quality cigarettes use more composite aluminum foil. 2. Pay attention to font, pattern, English factory name, Chinese factory name, etc. in printing. The printing is made by the packaging machine (hard flip cigarette). 3. Lapped cigarette: the lapped cigarette shall be opened with a little force, the lapped surface shall be straight, and the pulled part shall be rectangular. Fake cigarette: A. It can be pulled out without force; B. It takes a lot of force to break, and the tab is seriously damaged; C. The tab is not rectangular. 4. Dimensions: GDX1, GDX2, sasib6000, with a transverse package width of 114mm. Focke straight wrap width 90mm. 5. Generally speaking, the folding mode of aluminum paper at both ends is the same as that of strip packaging machine and small package packaging machine

III. cigarettes

(I) filter nozzle 1. Famous and high-quality cigarettes do not use polypropylene tow, but use acetic acid tow. Acetic acid is easy to break, and the tipping paper will not scatter when stripped; Polypropylene fiber is not easy to break, and it will disperse after peeling. 2. The length of the nozzle is generally 84mm - the total length of the nozzle is 20mm, 100mm-25mm, 81mm-15mm. 3. Light filter tip composite filter tip: soft seven stars, Zhongnanhai, gaoleyan; Hollow

filter: Bailemen; Laser drilling: Marlboro, Zhongnanhai. 4. Printing patterns or cigarette names on tipping paper

(II) cigarettes 1. The rib paper of cigarette paper is exposed. Embossed paper for counterfeit cigarettes has large contrast and poor exposure. (open ground: cut tobacco can be seen) 2. Cigarette lap requirements: flat, straight, uniform, generally not sticky to the edge. Generally, the lap direction of a cigarette is the same as that of a cigarette, and the two adjacent cigarettes in a box may be inconsistent. 3. The connection of tipping paper and cigarettes should be smooth and flush, without air leakage and wrinkling. 4、 Cut tobacco 1. Generally, foreign cut tobacco and domestic cut tobacco in Shanghai and Guangzhou have expanded cut tobacco. The expanded cut tobacco can be separated by acetone method

. 2. The expanded stems of Yunnan have been treated by expansion, and the treatment effect is very good. The stems are very thin, which is one of the important characteristics of Yunnan tobacco. Characteristics: (1) slightly better oily luster; (2) Soft and loose texture; (3) The color is light or white; (4) It is large and thin. 3. Characteristics of dyed cut tobacco (general fake tobacco): (1) unnatural color; (2) The edges and corners of the stem are red or yellow (different from the natural color). 4. The leftover of cut tobacco is used by fake cigarette producers to make authentic cigarettes. Characteristics: (1) it often contains debris such as paper pieces and waste bundles; (2) It often contains swollen stems, etc. 5. Tobacco flakes: many foreign famous cigarettes use tobacco flakes, while domestic famous and high-quality cigarettes generally do not use flakes. 5、 Smoking 1. Smelling style: the essence of Yunnan tobacco is very weak, with a smoke grassland flavor, while the smoke essence of Shang, Qing and Tian is stronger. 2. Gloss: famous and high-quality cut tobacco is generally glossy and greasy, while fake cigarettes have poor gloss. 3. Aroma: famous and high-quality cigarettes are thick, while fake cigarettes are poor. 4. Famous and high-quality cigarettes are irritant, with small impurities, and a clean and comfortable aftertaste. 6、 Precautions for identifying true and false cigarettes 1. We must distinguish the identification of true and false cigarettes from the general quality inspection to prevent the real cigarettes with poor quality (or no quality problems) from being classified as fake cigarettes, or the fake cigarettes with good quality from being judged as real cigarettes. The main differences between the two are: (1) different basis: the identification is based on real smoke, and the inspection is based on standards. (2) Different purposes: the true smoke test is good or bad quality, and the identification is true or false. (3) Different properties: true smoke test is quantitative, and identification is qualitative. 2. Master several key points (1) try to master the internal quality characteristics of various cigarette products, the characteristics of packaging materials, and the characteristics of manufacturing process

(silk making, crimping, packaging). (2) Master the characteristics and process details of cigarette equipment, and conduct scientific and logical analysis and reasoning. (3) Comprehensively analyze the inspection situation in five aspects: bag, packet, cigarette, cut tobacco and smoking evaluation, and grasp the key and main characteristics. (4) Master the technology of making judgments based on the comprehensive inspection

source: China Tobacco Science and education

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