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Steps and safety precautions for dismantling manipulator

1 Turn off the power of the ejector

2. Turn off the power of the manipulator

3. Turn off the air pressure source of the manipulator

4. Relieve air pressure

5. Loosen the fixing screws of the drawing cylinder fixing plate, and move the arm close to the arch

6. Move the buffer seat close to the arm

7. Tighten the fixing plate of the pull-out cylinder, and the tensile strength and deformation rate make the arm unable to move, with good seismic performance

8. Lock the rotating safety screw so that the manipulator cannot rotate

9. Remove the connecting wire of the ejector

10. Unplug the power cord of the manipulator

11. Arrange the connection line of the ejector and the power line of the manipulator

12. Remove the base fixing screws

13 paint and adhesive systems are other common uses Remove the manipulator

safety precautions

1. When the external power supply is abnormal, the control system will fail. In order to make the whole system work safely, please be sure to set a safety circuit outside the control system

2. Be familiar with the contents of this manual before installation, wiring, operation and maintenance. When using, you must also be familiar with relevant mechanical and electronic knowledge and all relevant safety precautions

3. Please install it on metal and other flame retardants and keep away from combustibles

4. It must be grounded during use

5. Wiring must be carried out by professional electricians

6. Operation can be started only after confirming that the power supply is disconnected

7. The ambient temperature is degrees Celsius. Do not use it in dew and frozen places

note: improper handling may cause danger, including personal injury and death or equipment failure in the first quarter, etc

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