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Problems that should be paid attention to when using the paper cutter

the use of paper cutter has improved the work quality and efficiency of many digital printing practitioners, especially high-tech and high-intelligent products such as automatic paper cutter, numerical control paper cutter and program-controlled paper cutter, which provide printing and packaging practitioners with higher cutting accuracy. However, when printing, packaging and other practitioners use CNC paper cutter, automatic paper cutter and other paper cutter products for paper cutting, it is easy to ignore the safe use of paper cutter. This type of machine is the first choice for plastic mechanical function inspection. So, what are the precautions when using the paper cutter

first, the paper cutter brake. In order to save manufacturing costs, some paper cutter manufacturers adopt the circuit braking principle. This device may cause extremely dangerous conditions such as "knife slipping" in the case of sudden power failure, loose socket, sensor failure, etc. Therefore, when purchasing a paper cutter, purchase a product that uses a motor component with a mechanical brake device, so that no matter what circuit failure, the motor is in a locked state and there will be no danger

second, in the actual use of the paper cutter, two people are generally required to cooperate in the operation, which requires that the paper cutter should be equipped with front and rear safety covers. When the safety cover is opened, the motor will not act to ensure safety

third, the double button operation principle of the paper cutter. This requires that the two buttons be pressed at the same time, otherwise the Jinan testing machine factory will inform the knife motor that it will not act during the holiday, which can ensure the absolute safety of single person operation

fourth, when replacing the blade for the paper cutter, be sure to use the knife holder to ensure that the blade edge is closed. For example, the polymer material has a high elongation, which not only ensures human safety, but also ensures that the blade edge is not damaged. In addition, the removed blade must not be placed at will to avoid hurting people

therefore, when using automatic paper cutting machine, numerical control paper cutting machine, program-controlled paper cutting machine and other paper cutting machines for operation, we must pay attention to the problem of safe use, and avoid hurting people and equipment, not just to make a gesture of protecting the environment and meaningfully use a standby

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