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Problems that should be paid attention to in the layout design of corrugated boxes

the corrugated box manufacturing industry is a service industry, taking user satisfaction as a reliable standard. Therefore, a considerable part of the printed content of corrugated boxes is made in accordance with the layout provided by users

as users, most of them lack packaging knowledge and put forward many requirements that do not meet industry standards, which requires corrugated box enterprises to actively guide users and improve the level of layout design. In the layout design of corrugated boxes, we should pay attention to the following issues:

1. The printed graphic signs should adopt standardization

Graphic Standards. The printing quality is not limited to the legibility in the auditorium, but the most important thing is to see whether it conforms to the relevant provisions of national standards or laws and regulations

national standards for graphic signs have been formulated: GB pictorial signs for packaging, storage and transportation stipulates 10 types of corresponding graphic signs such as handle with care and prohibit hand hooks; GB "packaging marks for dangerous goods" stipulates 16 categories of explosives, flammable gases and 18 corresponding graphic marks

gb "pictorial marks for transport packages of photosensitive materials sensitive to radiation energy" stipulates two kinds of printed graphic marks; GB "shipping and receiving signs of transportation packaging" stipulates the corresponding graphic signs of 12 categories, such as department stores and cultural goods. In these four national standards, the size, color, position and text of graphic signs are also stipulated

2. Printability should be considered in layout design

the printing of corrugated boxes is generally up to three-color printing, and for corrugated boxes that need overprint. During the design, the position and size of the layout should be strictly controlled so that the chromaticity is accurate. If other colors are overprinted in one color, and no gap is required between colors, the accuracy of the enterprise printing machine should be considered in the design, so that the pages of two colors are superimposed for printing, and the width of the superimposed part is the printing deviation of the printing machine; At this time, the order of printing colors of the printing machine must also be specified. Generally, it is required to proceed in the order of low to high hue, so that the superimposed part can cover the low hue color with the high hue color

in the layout design of corrugated boxes, in order to avoid printing paste, try to make the positive strokes thinner and the negative strokes thicker under the condition of meeting the user's requirements, so as to increase the spacing between strokes, which is not easy to cause printing blur

3. Strengthen proofreading

the layout of corrugated boxes is mostly printed with words, which is very prone to errors. Once there are problems in the design layout and they have not been corrected, the consequences will be unimaginable. Generally, the layout errors of corrugated boxes are easy to be neglected, often one word more or less or one word wrong. When proofreading, proofreading and correction must be carried out one by one, and strict control must be carried out, otherwise the whole batch of corrugated boxes will be scrapped due to small errors. All production enterprises must pay attention to the proofreading of corrugated box layout, and must not lose the light fluorocarbon polymer. Now, expandedpolytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) is widely used

4. The overall layout should be reasonable

these three directions of most enterprises will become the key development direction of plastic enterprises in the future. The understanding of corrugated box printing quality is not comprehensive enough, and the beautification and marketability of packaging are ignored to a certain extent. The font selection is improper, the proportion is out of balance, and the typesetting is messy, which affects the beauty

the overall layout of the corrugated box should be reasonable to prevent top heavy, the font size should be moderate, the proportion should be coordinated, and the printing position should be appropriate. Several positive signals have appeared in the economic operation of China's extruder industry, and the distance from the edge of the corrugated box should be greater than 20mm

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