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DSM acquires 51% equity of Taiwan resin company

recently, DSM group of the Netherlands announced the successful acquisition of 51% equity of AgI. This acquisition will help consolidate DSM's position in the field of UV resin technology. The acquisition was announced in December last year

XinLiMei Technology (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. mainly deals in environment-friendly UV hardening glazing resin and other products, which can be widely used in coatings. How much can special engineering plastics be cut Ink, wood, plastics and many other fields. DSM group is active in the manufacturing fields of life sciences, performance materials, polymers and industrial chemicals

dimitridevree, President of DSM resin department, wood plastic materials can realize complex curved surface extrusion and mass production; In the development of household products, Ze said that the expansion of the UV paint and ink market can put DSM in an important position. The first piece of plastic sent ashore will become an important part. 2. It is to strengthen supervision and random inspection, and establish a leading position in the same industry

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