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DSM shows polyamide composite gas storage tanks

recently, at fakuma exhibition held in Germany, DSM showed an air storage tank equipped with a blow molded liner using akulon fuel barrier (a polyamide based engineering plastic with extremely high hydrocarbon barrier). The tank can be coated with composite fibers based on thermosetting or thermoplastic resins, such as the adhesive tape made of 818 extruders exported by ecopa in October, XX polyamide 410, etc., which is suitable for blow molding the liner of large pressure vessels for heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks

it is reported that the traditional 40L steel tank weighs about 60kg, while the composite IV tank with akulon fuel barrier tank weighs only 20kg. For every 10kg reduction in vehicle mass, carbon dioxide can be reduced by about 1g/km

in addition, DSM used thermoplastic materials, such as ecopaxx polyamide 410 or another grade of akulon, to develop composite fibers for container coating, thus successfully realizing the joint research and development of the next generation of V-shaped pressure vessels. The mass of V-shaped pressure vessel is about 70% less than that of steel tank, and it is lighter than that of iv-shaped pressure vessel. This kind of material is larger and more durable than steel, has better chemical resistance, and can be completely recycled. Another advantage of ecopaxx is that its polymers are all made from renewable resources as one of the principals of the project. Therefore, the German standard din53436 is the most frequently used in laboratory tests in this field throughout the life cycle, and the total carbon emission is zero

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