Most popular Dow raises PE price in Mexico

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Dow raised the price of PE in Mexico

Dow sent a letter to customers, saying that from August 15, it would increase the price of PE at all levels in Mexico by 5 cents/Gang (US $110/ton)

last week, Dow announced a price increase of R $350/ton in Brazil to achieve full digital 3-loop control of force, deformation and displacement (US $106/ton) and a price increase of US $110/ton in Chile, effective from August 1

according to relevant sources, Dow will raise PE prices throughout Latin America, and these rounds are only part of the price increase plan, adding that Dow also plans to implement similar price increase plans in the Andes and Argentina

due to tight market supply, the price of imported materials from the United States has increased, especially film grade products, which is a factor leading to Dow's price increase

according to Platz's estimate, in the United States, the price of blow molding grade HDPE on Monday was cents/pound, that of butylene LLDPE was cents/pound, and that of LLDPE was 59 5 cents/pound (FAS Houston, rail car)

according to market feedback, the rise and fall of U.S. export prices are closely related to Mexico's domestic PE market

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