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Driving into the "the Belt and Road" expressway, Zoomlion's complete pavement equipment is sent to Pakistan

driving into the "the Belt and Road" expressway, Zoomlion's complete pavement equipment is sent to Pakistan

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on the morning of July 13, 10 Zoomlion's pavement machinery equipment worth 30million set out from Zoomlion's Wangcheng Industrial Park to aid the construction of Karachi Lahore Expressway in Pakistan. Remember that Zoomlion's complete set of pavement machinery and equipment for this export includes 4.0 pavers, 4.0 double steel wheel rollers, 4.0 asphalt mixing plants and other products. It is reported that Zoomlion road machinery 4.0 vanadium flow battery technology, if it can be fully commercialized in the energy storage market, has been recognized and favored by more and more overseas users with its unique innovative technology

Zoomlion sets out from Wangcheng industrial park with a vast set of pavement machinery and equipment. It is understood that the expressway is an important infrastructure project in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, with a total length of 392 kilometers, two-way 6-lane, and a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour. The section of 390km is constructed by China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau. The completion of the project will greatly improve the traffic conditions between the two major cities in Pakistan, vigorously promote the local economic and social development, and play a positive role in the interconnection between China and Pakistan

according to the product manager of Zoomlion pavement machinery, more than 10 well-known enterprises at home and abroad participated in the bidding for the procurement of complete equipment for pavement construction of expressway projects. Finally, Zoomlion road machinery, with its "high-performance, high-quality" design concept and excellent and efficient construction effect, has undertaken nearly 30million road equipment of this project at one stroke

previously, the road machinery R & D team of Zoomlion has added unique high temperature resistant and sand proof designs to its products in response to the harsh local environment in Pakistan, and more than a thousand kilograms of fish have died since the end of last year. The improved equipment has won high praise from customers and supervisors for its excellent construction effect in Pakistan's infrastructure projects

among the equipment for this departure, there is no lack of Zoomlion road machinery star product - zps3880re paver. This equipment, as the representative product of Zoomlion road machinery 4.0, won the gold medal of Top50 market performance of China Construction Machinery in 2017 by virtue of "being smarter, more real-time and more reliable". Its unique ifinepave fine paving technology, ienergy energy-saving technology, and Icheck fault diagnosis technology make the paving denser, more uniform, and more smooth

in recent years, with the strong support of the state and the drive of Chinese prefix enterprises, Zoomlion followed the "the Belt and Road", made new progress in internationalization and made new breakthroughs in "going global". From the upgrading and iteration of product research and development, the inclination of resources to the "the Belt and Road", and then to the innovation of business model and services, Zoomlion will further integrate the company's "product 4.0 project", and go steady and far with the "the Belt and Road". (this article is from Zoomlion)

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