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DSM plans to acquire 51% equity of new smart technology

Royal DSM group of the Netherlands announced last week that the company intends to acquire 51% equity of new smart technology (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (AGI) at a price of 48million euros, including subscribing for newly issued shares and publicly acquiring the equity of existing shareholders

AgI produces various environmentally friendly UV curable resins and other paper, wood and plastic products, as well as coating products for printing inks. In 2009, AgI reported net sales of € 90million. This transaction intention is fully in line with DSM group's new strategic orientation: high growth economy, sustainable development, innovation and development partnership

the president of DSM resin Department said that by acquiring 51% equity of AgI, DSM was able to strengthen its UV curing technology platform. The environmental friendliness of UV curing technology is the key to leaving a full, warm, lasting and regretless youth memory for future success. The ecology of UV curable coatings and inks will be few in the next 10 (2) 0 years, and the operating cost is relatively low. Therefore, this acquisition will strengthen the innovation and sustainable development of DSM's own product series, and help the company expand the market of UV curing coatings and inks, which are flexible, stable, high-precision and easy-to-use high-precision deceleration machines

according to the current forecast, the public acquisition will be carried out by the end of the first quarter of 2011 through the wholly-owned subsidiary of DSM, before which AgI will approve the placement of new shares. Public acquisitions and placement of new shares will be mutually conditional. All transactions must meet the prerequisites, including obtaining all necessary approvals and permits, without any major negative changes. Shareholders who own about 16.4% of the issued shares of AgI have reached an agreement with DSM to transfer their equity to DSM. If all the above approvals and permits cannot be obtained within 6 months and all the above conditions are met, the trading process may be suspended

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