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DSM has set up a new office on the west coast of the United States. Based on technology, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands, which is active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials worldwide, announced today that its engineering plastics business department has set up a new office in San Francisco Bay to support the rapid development of the consumer electronics industry

DSM's high-performance engineering plastics are in a leading position in the electronic and electrical field, and can provide comprehensive plastic solutions for various consumer electronic products such as dirt machines, tablet computers and ultrabooks in smart hand cylinders. DSM has set up a new team in San Francisco Bay, where the headquarters and R & D centers of many global electronic OEM enterprises are located. DSM's move has effectively shortened the distance with customers and successfully expanded its R & D achievements to this regional market

Richard Pieters, President of DSM engineering plastics Americas, said: "This initiative has set up an exchange center in the rapidly developing field of electronic design, narrowed the distance with electronic product design experts and engineers, and further improved the overall business on the manufacturing base centered on China and even the whole Asia Pacific. It will make DSM's positioning closer to the customers on the west coast, so that DSM can participate in the customer's product design process earlier, so as to help it shorten the R & D cycle and improve production efficiency Productivity

Pieters further pointed out that the new Bay Area Office will undertake customer management, engineering and application development, design, innovation and other functions. In view of the rapid development of consumer electronics industry characteristics, he said: "we are very excited about this initiative, because it allows us to more efficiently for customers in this region. 3 is to cut the same width of 1cm between the outsole wall and the upper during sample preparation, measure the peel strength of each point, and provide support to help them focus on finding more environmentally friendly, smarter and smaller electronic product solutions."

as the replacement of hardware is fatal, the West Coast team will mainly focus on serving global electronic product OEMs and brands operating in this region. In addition, the office will act as a market hub to support electric vehicles and sports products

the new office is located at the gateway in San Mateo. The specific address is 1810 gateway drive, suite 320, San Mateo, CA 94404. The Americas headquarters of DSM engineering plastics business department is still located in Troy, Michigan

the establishment of the West Coast office fully confirms DSM's firm commitment to global customers, and will also have a positive impact on customer service in the Asia Pacific region

as the world's leading developer and supplier of polyamide engineering plastics, DSM offers a wide range of engineering plastics products, including akulon PA6 and PA66, stanyl PA46, stanyl fortii ™ And ecopaxx (a bio based polyamide material that has been certified as carbon neutral in the whole life cycle process). In addition, DSM also provides arnite PBT, pet and xytron for engineering applications ™ PPS, arnitel TPE and other thermoplastic polyester materials. DSM products are widely used in the automotive, electronic and electrical and food packaging industries worldwide

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