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DSM held a video seminar: technology promotes the optical fiber market. On March 15, dsmdesotech announced that it would hold a live video seminar with its partner Changfei optical fiber at the end of this month to discuss the latest technologies and market trends of optical fiber and optical fiber coatings, and screen the most concerned questions of the audience

"optical fiber" has become one of the hottest words in the industry in recent years. With the recovery of the global economic environment and the geometric growth of users' demand for bandwidth, the entire optical communication industry once again ushered in a good opportunity for development. As an indispensable part of optical fiber composition, optical fiber coating plays a vital role in the stability, reliability, life cycle and other indicators of the entire optical network

this live video seminar will begin at 3:30 p.m. on March 31. At that time, Liu Yi, the Asia Pacific market development manager of DSM optical fiber and cable materials department, will make an in-depth analysis on the revolutionary breakthrough brought by the innovative technology desolitesupercoatings to the construction of optical fiber networks, especially the impact on the investment cost. Hanqingrong, manager of optical fiber strategic marketing department of Changfei, and benoitfelten, founder and CEO of third-party research organization diffractionanalysis, will also deliver keynote speeches on the future trend of optical fiber industry

the registration stage of the current conference has begun, and it is oriented to the industry to solicit questions. In addition to being invited to participate in the video conference and interact with the speaker, the successfully registered audience will also receive additional surprise gifts after the conference

it is understood that emperor has taken the same samples under the specified state conditioning conditions, temperature, humidity and what should be called the hardness change rate. Siman has been engaged in the development of optical fiber materials for more than 40 years. In the 1970s, he developed the first generation of UV curing optical fiber coatings, which currently accounts for 80% of the market share of global optical fiber coatings

desolitesupercoatings is the third generation of optical fiber coating launched by DSM. Strain is a phenomenon that the size or shape of objects are relatively changed by external forces. This new coating has micro bending resistance, which can not only make optical fibers show the physical properties of copper wires and reduce attenuation when deployed in a multi-user unit environment, but also help to improve the number of cores of optical fibers and cables (compact optical cables can increase the number of cores by 30%), It provides a material guarantee for further improving the bandwidth

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