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Dow seeks market opportunities for downstream liquid chlorine

Dow seeks market opportunities for downstream liquid chlorine to enhance the market competitiveness of products accounting for 3.28%

September 17, 2013

[China paint information]

Dow Chemical said it was studying how to find market opportunities for downstream liquid chlorine business

ceo Andrew Liveris said that he was considering the establishment of joint ventures, the divestiture of the industry in process and technological innovation, and even the closure of devices to improve the return on capital of the industry

James fittering, executive vice president of raw materials and functional plastics in Asia and Latin America of Dow Chemical, made some explanations at UBS bestof America investors' meeting held in London on Thursday

fittering said that the company was treating ethane dichloride, vinyl chloride and global chlorinated organics "from a strategic perspective"

he said that the company believes that many people are interested in this. They can take advantage of the low-cost electrochemical devices in the Gulf of Mexico and the integration of Dow and ethylene. If they can become a part of Dow integration, they will feel very advantageous

Dow has not yet determined when to make a decision on the downstream of liquid chlorine, but whatever the result, it does not mean that Dow will withdraw from the liquid chlorine industry

fettering said that Dow did not want to quit the liquid chlorine business

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