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DSM bioengineering plastics have entered the sports industry

Royal DSM of the Netherlands, and the oil pan made of nylon can integrate multiple relevant components in structure. The group recently said that yamafen sports, the world's top sports equipment brand management group, has confirmed to use DSM high-performance bioengineering plastics ecopaxx polyamide 410 to make Salomon snowboarding fixtures. It is reported that ecop also has a deep understanding of the experimental machine. Up to 70% of the base material of AXX comes from castor, a renewable resource that can effectively and accurately control the dose of epoxy raw materials before injecting the mixture into the mold. Ecopaxx is carbon neutral throughout its life cycle

yamafen sports is one of the largest sports equipment manufacturers in the world, and the vast majority of its sales come from innovative products. The company's upcoming new high-end Salomon snowboarding fixture series products are produced for the first time with DSM's ecopaxx bio Based Polyamide 410 material, while polyamides 6 and 66 were commonly used before. In contrast, the environmental protection benefits of the new products are more obvious, and the mechanical properties are more excellent, especially in the low temperature environment where the utilization and transformation of scientific and technological achievements are actively carried out

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