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DSM produces dust-proof coating for high-performance solar cover glass

DSM produces dust-proof coating for high-performance solar cover glass

April 20, 2017

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DSM officially launched a new dust-proof coating for solar photovoltaic glass. The coating not only has excellent dust-proof effect, but also has antireflection effect. In particular, it has only been used for more than 100 years and is suitable for photovoltaic modules operating in dry climate. In dry climate, dust prevention has always been a great challenge. On the one hand, the use of DSM dust-proof coating ensures the highest power output of components; On the other hand, by reducing the loss of power generation caused by dust and contamination, it will bring win-win benefits to more photovoltaic power generation projects. DSM's dust-proof coating can directly improve performance and indirectly reduce maintenance expenditure, so as to improve the internal return on investment of photovoltaic power generation projects in accordance with the requirements of the Convention

eternal sunshine, infinite energy

in the past decade, solar energy has gradually become an important component of the global energy mix. However, to make solar energy an alternative energy to fossil fuels on a global scale, there is still a lot of work to be done to make the processing performance of products, the surface properties and mechanical properties of composite materials better than those of similar imported materials, The key is to reduce the levelized energy cost of solar photovoltaic

(lcoe). DSM has the industry-leading antireflection coating, which brings the efficiency improvement of 3% under the standard test conditions to the components. On this basis, the new dust-proof coating can further improve the outdoor power generation efficiency of the components, thus contributing to the reduction of power generation costs

Jan grimberg, global business director of DSM advanced solar, said, "At t v South Germany group (t v s d) At the Dunhuang desert test site, we have carried out extensive tests. The test results show that the performance of our new dust-proof coating is always better than our existing antireflection coating, and the power generation is increased by more than 1% on average every month. The actual performance of the product on the client depends on the actual local conditions, including pollution types and climatic conditions. We are convinced that the use of this coating can reduce pollution losses, increase module power generation and reduce cleaning costs, thereby further improving the return on investment of photovoltaic power plants in arid climate conditions. "

from testing to commercialization

the new dust-proof coating uses DSM's proprietary core-shell sol-gel technology, with excellent light transmittance gain. DSM has improved the coating composition to minimize the adhesion of dust and optimize the dust removal effect. The product has been widely tested by DSM, major research institutions and component manufacturers, including laboratory tests and outdoor tests around the world. At present, it has been able to provide products for pilot scale testing, and DSM is continuing its efforts to promote the dust-proof coating project to mass production

DSM is cooperating with the world's leading photovoltaic glass manufacturer, fulette Glass Group in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China, to provide component manufacturers with photovoltaic glass coated with dust-proof coating

Zhao Xiaofei, general manager of photovoltaic glass of Follett Glass Group, said, "In the past 20 years, Follett Glass Group has grown into a large-scale glass manufacturer with assets of more than 4 billion yuan and committed to glass R & D, manufacturing and processing facilities. The cooperation between DSM and Follett Glass Group has lasted for many years. We have carried out close cooperation, developed a variety of new products and carried out a variety of new technology research and development activities. We are very happy to launch this product with DSM innovative dust-proof coating Yangneng photovoltaic glass can further meet the needs of customers. By reducing the requirements of dust deposition speed and cleaning frequency, it can improve the convenience and efficiency of cleaning, reduce the consumption of water resources, and reduce the residual pollution after cleaning. "

if you need to know more about DSM dust-proof coating, please pay attention to the 11th SNEC International Photovoltaic Conference (DSM booth W, Follett booth w) held in Shanghai on April, and the 2017 Middle East and North Africa New Energy Summit held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on April

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