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Safety measures for preventive test of 10kv High-voltage Distribution Equipment

the preventive test of 10kv High-voltage Distribution Equipment in Fuyao float method will be stopped in this phase. The test items include more than ten items, such as withstand voltage test, loop resistance test, insulation resistance test, etc. Because of the particularity and uncertainty of the experiment, it easily constitutes a hidden danger of safety and poses a threat to the safety of people and equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to ensure the safety of the high-voltage experiment task. We must do a good job in various safety technology methods to ensure the safety, reliability and accuracy of the experiment and ensure the safety of the float power supply. The detailed Enron measures are as follows:

1. Strictly implement the "Enron task specification of electric power industry", adhere to the task ticket system that the film produced by chitosan and starch blend composite material is insoluble in water and the operation ticket system, and implement the task permission system, task monitoring system, task interruption, transfer and termination system

2. For each high-voltage experiment, the person in charge of the task shall issue the first task ticket according to the detailed environment, which shall be signed and approved by the manager, and the experiment shall be carried out in strict accordance with the task ticket

3. The substation task permit should have certain experience, be familiar with the electrical safety task specification and the equipment environment within the task scope, and hold the valid high voltage electrician entry permit, otherwise it should be undertaken by the shift foreman

4. The substation task manager must check whether the on-site safety measures are accurate and complete together with the experimental task holder. Stop making up for perfection when you need it

5. Before the experiment, the person in charge of the experiment shall call all the experimental staff, state the contents of the experiment task and the name of the tested equipment, preferably the fully enclosed experimental machine and its number, and explain the scope of power failure and the important matters of Enron; The laboratory staff shall be familiar with the tasks and important items of Enron, be familiar with the functions and operation methods of the equipment and instruments used, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out operations by breaking the chapter

6. Safety helmet shall be worn when entering the task site. Crpusa shall use sls3d printing technology and windform materials for aerial work. The printed parts shall be 10 points strong, high strength and light weight. The safety belt shall be used. Throwing things in the air is strictly prohibited

7. The experimental site shall be equipped with fences and Enron warnings, hang "stop, high voltage risk" signs outward, and assign special personnel to supervise

8. Do a good job in preventing induced electric injury, wear insulating gloves, insulating shoes, and take good care of insulating things

9. The shell of the experimental equipment shall be well grounded. Bare copper flexible wire with sufficient electrical strength and mechanical strength shall be used for grounding wire. Do not disconnect the grounding wire before removing the power line

10. Laboratory staff 11. When it is required to disassemble 1. Secondary wiring during field experiment tasks, a sign shall be made before disassembly. After the test, the wiring shall be restored in time. Special attention shall be paid to whether the secondary circuit of the transformer is connected with the secondary circuit in operation, so as to prevent accidents such as shelter maloperation

12. When the test is stopped without disconnecting the equipment wiring, the test voltage shall be prevented from being led to other equipment through the equipment wiring, resulting in electric shock to other employees. Before boosting, check whether there is a task on the non tested equipment on the same continuous line, and someone stops monitoring

13. Implement the mutual inspection system. That is, two people do the experiment. After one person connects the wires, the other person should stop checking and confirm that it is correct

14. When the experimental task is not completed and needs to be interrupted or transferred, it should be regarded as a good shelter task on the site. It should strictly follow the interruption and transfer procedures specified in the procedures, and there should be a clear consent and interest response on the task ticket. If the test demand is interrupted, the voltage regulator of a real test equipment shall be reset to zero, the power shall be cut off, the test object shall be fully discharged, the high-voltage input end of the test equipment shall be disconnected from the test object, and there shall be a significant disconnection point, so as to make good preparations for the main purpose and scope of application of the bending tester for subsequent tasks

15. Experimental wiring

(a) when the field wiring needs to disassemble the wiring of the tested equipment, the identification mark shall be made before disassembly, and it shall be restored in time after the completion of the experiment

(b) when connecting the power line on site, the wiring on the inspection power box shall be carried out, and the required methods shall be adopted to prevent short circuit of the power supply

(c) after the experimental circuit is connected, the person in charge of the task should seriously check and check, and be especially careful about the wiring that touches the safety of the equipment, such as the secondary side wiring of Pt (voltage transformer) and CT (current transformer)

(15) experimental process control:

during the experiment, the tested equipment must be disconnected from all aspects of the power supply. After it is verified that there is no voltage, it can be stopped when it is proved that the tested equipment is unmanned. No one is allowed to approach the tested equipment during the experiment

(a) in the course of the experiment, if the results are found, the handling methods should be put forward

(b) if the experimental results are wrong due to the performance of the experimental equipment, the experiment shall be repeated after the performance of the experimental equipment is removed

(c) if the experimental data is unqualified or abnormal, the retest and confirmation shall be stopped by changing the experimental wiring, changing the experimental instruments, etc

(d) if the tested equipment is abnormal during the experiment, the experiment shall be suspended immediately. The experiment can be restarted only after the notice is found out

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