Safety measures for stope and slope stability of t

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Safety countermeasures for stope and slope stability of non coal mines

to achieve stope and slope stability, the technical parameters selected in the preliminary design are required to comply with relevant regulations. The parameters are determined as follows according to the safety regulations for metal and non metal open pit mines and the Interim Provisions for safety production of small open pit quarries:

1 Therefore, the measurement and calibration of the experimental data of the tensile testing machine are closely connected with the anti-interference design, and the height shall comply with the provisions of the table

if the stage height exceeds the provisions of the table, there must be 4 lifting screws on the base of the testing machine. On the premise of ensuring safety, the technical demonstration must be carried out and the approval of the competent department shall be submitted. When the excavator or front loader is used for shovel loading, the height of pile blasting shall not be greater than 1.5 times of the maximum excavation height of the machinery. Mechanical mining, generally not more than 20m

table 71 determination of stage height

(I) safety technical countermeasures

1. According to the requirements of safety regulations for metal and nonmetal open pit mines and Interim Provisions for safety production of small open pit quarries, the selected step height of the project is not more than 6 meters, the width and the movement of slope angle plunger are blocked; Comply with the requirements of the regulations

2. Surface drainage

drainage ditches shall be set on the surface to prevent surface water from infiltrating into the slope, so as to prevent landslides and collapses along the fracture surface

3. When approaching the final slope, a safety and transportation platform must be reserved according to the width determined in the design. The safety slope angle of the stage shall be maintained, and the slope bottom shall not be over excavated

4. If it is found that the slope angle becomes steeper, the lithology and stability of the rock mass of the slope change, and there is a structural plane, measures should be taken in time to adjust the slope angle by cutting the slope and reducing the load, so as to achieve safe production

5. Adopt controlled blasting technology near the slope to reduce the impact of blasting on the slope

(II) safety management countermeasures

1. Establish and improve the slope management and inspection system, and deal with key parts and sections with potential landslide hazards

2. The slope shall be regularly observed at fixed points, and the danger shall be handled in time when compared with other types of drivers

3. Set up a special organization or assign a special person to carry out daily management of the slope

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