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Safety measures for drivers, maintainers and tail watchers of coal mine belt conveyor

safety measures for drivers, maintainers and tail watchers of belt conveyor:

(1) scraper and conveyor shall be installed smoothly, stably and straightly, the head and tail shall be fixed reliably, the upper and lower idlers of belt conveyor shall be complete and effective, and the operation shall be normal without deviation

(2) after taking over the shift, the driver shall carefully check all parts of the conveyor, including whether all parts are complete and whether the connection is reliable, whether the oil quality and quantity in the reducer meet the requirements, whether the operating button signal is sensitive, which can ensure good high output and reliability, and the signal contact methods are one ring stop, two ring forward rotation and three ring reverse rotation

(3) in case of unclear signal, protection failure, abnormal sound of motor and reducer, excessive motor temperature, sudden increase of load, damage of belt joint and other phenomena, the machine shall be shut down immediately for treatment, and the switch handle shall be turned to the zero position for maintenance or troubleshooting, and a special person shall be locked for custody to prevent misoperation

(4) No floating coal shall be piled at each part of the belt conveyor, and all rollers and idlers can operate normally to prevent overload operation of the belt

(5) it is strictly forbidden to use belts to pull people and transport materials. It is strictly forbidden to overhaul the machine during operation. Where it is necessary to cross the belt, the kilogram force is often used to indicate that the pressure should be set up a bridge

(6) no one is allowed to stay directly in front of the belt head after starting the machine. Guardrails shall be set at the belt head

(7) the tail cutter shall stop the machine and use the long handle tool; The tail cover shall be set at the belt tail, and the machine shall be shut down when cleaning the floating coal under the belt head

(8) belt protection:

1) try to avoid frequently starting the conveyor in a short time. Under normal circumstances, the conveyor requires no-load starting

2) the hydraulic coupling and reducer must be regularly checked for oil leakage, and the oil filling quantity and quality must be regularly checked for conformity, and replaced and supplemented in time

3) if there is a scream at the transmission drum, it indicates that the adhesive tape is slipping. Check the adhesive tape, which indicates that China's new material industry has the confidence to "go global" to compete in the international market. Whether the capital belt is tight and adjusted in time

4) the tape joint shall be inspected frequently. If any damage is found, it shall be cut off and redone in time. During redoing, great attention must be paid to that the cutting edge is perpendicular to the center line of the tape

5) the loading point shall ensure that the goods are unloaded in the middle of the belt, and it is not allowed to unload directly in a large height, so as to avoid damaging the belt and causing the belt to deviate

6) there shall be no sundries on the rail surface for traveling trolley, idler trolley and transfer machine to avoid accidents due to obstruction of traveling

air compressor maintenance and use measures:

(1) the air compressor driver must be a qualified full-time personnel who should be familiar with the air compressor manual and operate and maintain in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation manual

(2) the maintenance personnel must be familiar with the operation manual and specific structure of the air compressor, and check and maintain the host, pipeline, air storage tank, electric control system, starter and motor in a normal and safe state

(3) the electric cabinet shall be regularly checked for damage, and the temperature and pressure controllers shall be flexible and accurate

(4) check and clean the air compressor exhaust elbow, oil stain and carbon deposit inside the air tank and its exhaust pipe every six months

(5) check and reset the safety valve and automatic air pressure regulation system every six months

(6) the bursting disc device shall be inspected and maintained according to its operating instructions. The control software can display the experimental force, peak value of experimental force, time interval, experimental force time curve and other experimental parameters in real time

(7) the motor shall be inspected, maintained and repaired according to its instructions

(8) the starter shall be inspected, maintained and repaired according to its operating instructions

(9) drain the oil and liquid once a day from the drain plug on the air tank

(10) according to the concentration of underground dust and coal dust, regularly check and eliminate the coal and dust in the dust filter silencer

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