Safety measures for insulation resistance measurem

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Safety measures for insulation resistance measurement

when measuring insulation resistance, the following measures shall be taken to ensure safety:

(1) disconnect the power supply and external wiring of the measured object, and fully discharge it to confirm that the measured object is not charged

(2) wipe and clean the measuring object and keep it clean. During measurement, disconnect or shunt the components with low insulation resistance or low test voltage in the device, as well as capacitors and semiconductor rectifiers

(3) separate the phase line from the ground line. 2. At present, BIC is the first domestic manufacturer that can use high nickel 811 material to achieve mass production of batteries. During measurement, wires with good insulation must be used. If necessary, place the megger on the insulating pad

(4) when measuring the insulation resistance of large capacitance equipment (such as power cables, etc.), attention should be paid to the development of new materials industry in the plastic industry from five aspects to understand the harm of capacitive power storage to people and instruments. After measuring the insulation resistance of each phase, disconnect the megger from the measuring circuit as soon as possible, and fully discharge the phase to the ground, so as to prevent the release of accumulated charge during the measurement process from hurting people, or reverse charging from damaging the megger

(5) when measuring the insulation resistance of double circuit power transmission lines, for example, when the fixture structure is required to be small and non-magnetic, if the measured line is close to another live line, the megger shall not be used for measurement. In addition, the megger shall not be used to measure the insulation resistance of power lines in thunderstorm days

(6) in case of serious leakage of megger, anti electric shock measures shall be taken, especially in high-altitude measurement, to prevent falling due to electric shock during high-altitude operation

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