Safety measures for oxygen electric welding under

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Safety measures for underground oxygen and electric welding

as the fork tip of the track in the underground transportation route must be treated by oxygen and electric welding, the following measures are formulated:

I. construction time:

II. Construction site: main transportation roadway (this measure is prohibited for the semi coal roadway in the first mining area)

III. technical director:

IV. safety director:

v. safety technical measures:

1 Strictly abide by coal mine safety regulations and oxygen electric welding operation regulations

2. When handling or transporting materials, the means of transport must be able to bear the weight of the equipment and be placed stably. The equipment must be fixed. Before lifting the equipment, the sundries on the site road should be cleaned to prevent the equipment from high strength and excellent heat resistance - it can withstand the high temperature of 800~1000 ℃ to slide or fall and hurt people

3 everything goes well Inflammables and explosives must be transported to the designated place by specially assigned personnel

4. The tile inspector must check the gas concentration within 20m around the underground construction point. The gas concentration shall not exceed 0.5% of the ceramic particles paved on the deck of Yannan overpass pedestrian overpass in Urumqi by the construction personnel, and the construction can be carried out only when there is no gas accumulation within 20m

5. Inflammables and explosives shall be removed from the site, and no inflammables and explosives shall be stacked within 20 meters of the operation site

6. At least two fire extinguishers and sufficient fire-fighting equipment shall be prepared on site

7. Take measures to prevent sparks from splashing on other inflammables and explosives and personnel, and stop operation if necessary. If there are personnel transporting detonators and explosives, the operation must be stopped when the vehicle passes

8. When lapping the power supply, the gas concentration at the lapping point shall not exceed 1.0%, and there shall be no inflammables and explosives near the junction

9. When lapping the power supply, the system of power inspection and discharge after power failure must be implemented

10. After the operation, the electrical equipment must be restored to its explosion-proof performance. It is required to repeatedly check the site for 1 hour before leaving

11. Each gas cylinder shall be more than 5m away and more than 10m away from the open flame point

12. The air nozzle shall not be stained with grease and greasy dirt. It is not allowed to directly operate the pressure oil pipe type components. During the operation, the oil shall be mixed day by day or the pressure shall be released after each test

13. Contact with relevant departments shall be strengthened during operation, and the operation shall be reported to the dispatching room at any time

14. Welding rod heads and waste parts shall not be left disorderly, but shall be placed locally. When leaving, they shall be cleaned and sent to the waste pile

15 Matters not covered herein shall be carried out in strict accordance with the three major regulations of the coal mine

16. Four copies of this measure shall be submitted to the production technology department, safety ventilation Department, control room and mechanical transportation team

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