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Safety measures for flood control of water conservancy projects

1. Project outline and environmental statement:

the project is located in Shiling Town, Huadu District. The project is mainly divided into two parts: 1. Clear water diversion pipe: a mountain water intake is set at the Mingyong section at the downstream of the intersection of Xiongshi Danian Road and suwu River, and a gate of b=6m is set at the same time, Through laying D clean water pipe, the mountains and rivers in the downstream section of progressive Chong of suwu River are diverted in rainy season and led to the 4*1.8m channel box of Shiling underdrain reform project under implementation. 2. River sewage interceptor: d800 sewage pipe is laid at Jinxiang Road on the east side of qiangchong. The collection of sewage in the rainy season around the downstream section of qiangchong is stopped, and it is connected to Jinxiang D sewage pipe on the east side of Guangyi Yichang medium speed highway at the beginning, and finally enters the d1650 incoming pipe to Shiling sewage treatment plant. There is a drainage ditch in the village on the right of the road of well section w of the newly-built sewage pipeline if it is not cleaned in time. According to the experience of the villagers and the progress of the field investigation, the drainage volume in the rainy season basically meets the drainage, and there is no waterlogging

the construction period of the project is 5 months. During the construction period, there is a main flood season. The flood control task should be delayed to ensure the safe passage of information, and the flood control task should be truly implemented in place, that is, the ideas, methods, implementation and instructions should be in place, so as to ensure the safety of the lives and wealth of the staff and the people at the construction site and the stability of their lives, and do a good job in the flood control task

2. General objective of flood control task:

follow the task objective of "safety first, always be prepared, focus on prevention, and make every effort to rescue", practically implement the flood control task system, so as to ensure that all tasks of the project can be stopped normally

3. Task criteria

the flood control and rescue tasks of the project shall be implemented with the same instructions, the same coordination, the same equipment, rapid response, superstitious response and graded implementation

4. Establish a flood control and Rescue Task Instruction Department

the project manager acts as the general instruction, the person in charge of technology acts as the deputy general instruction, and some persons in charge of the project department and full-time Enron officers act as members. Although the steel bars in reinforced concrete members can also be recycled

5. Rain classification:

daily rainfall: 24-hour rainfall

LCD real-time display of drizzle: the daily rainfall is less than 10mm or the 12-hour rainfall is less than 5mm

moderate rain: refers to daily rainfall of 10 ~ 24.9 mm or 12 hour rainfall of 5 ~ 9.9 mm

heavy new year's Eve rain: it refers to the daily rainfall of 25 ~ 49.5 mm or the 12 hour rainfall of 10 ~ 29.9 mm

rainstorm: it refers to daily rainfall of 50 ~ 99.9 mm or 12 hour rainfall of 30 ~ 693 mm, and overload automatic shutdown test of.9 mm; The rainfall of 20 mm in 180 minutes is a short-term rainstorm

heavy rain: it refers to daily rainfall of 100 ~ 199.9 mm or 12 hour rainfall of 70 ~ 200 mm

Extreme Rainstorm: refers to the daily rainfall greater than 200mm or the 12 hour rainfall greater than 200mm

6. Information transmission:

(I) during the flood season, strictly implement the flood control duty system. The staff on duty shall be on duty 24 hours a day, keep a record of their duty, strictly observe the law, closely supervise the rain and flood conditions to change the environment, and timely report to the flood control instruction department in case of mountain torrents. At the same time, information response and superstitious adjustment shall be achieved. In the flood season, the leading duty system should be established. First of all, the leaders should lead the shift in person to ensure that when the flood occurs, they can rush to the scene to give instructions on flood fighting tasks at the first time. All the staff are assigned to the same place to adjust and preserve the overall situation. If there are achievements, the people there should not be able to select the committee, which will delay the opportunity. Otherwise, they should be investigated

(II) all subordinate departments of the project management department strengthen patrol inspection in and after the rain, and timely report the escape situation

(III) flood control and rescue organizations at all levels should immediately adopt effective measures in the face of flood and disaster situations, follow the same instructions of the subordinate flood control task leading group and the competent department, and launch the emergency plan for flood control and rescue tasks of the project management department

(IV) do a good job in the statistics of the number of flood control and rescue personnel, machine shift, project quantity, capital investment, etc. of the unit, and report them in time

7. Preparation of Enron flood control plan:

the construction team established by the project Department of the project is the rescue team, and all project staff are subject to the dispatch at any time as agile rescue team members

construction of flood control machinery and equipment:

excavators, transporters, pumps and other equipment

flood control material construction: straw bags, woven bags, preset sand and stone sources, steel fiber, big hammer, spade, pick, tarpaulin, crowbar, water life-saving appliances, safety helmet, towline, small rescue tools

each rescue team established must seriously implement the preparation tasks of flood control personnel, flood control equipment and materials. The project management department shall stop checking the implementation environment of flood control preparation tasks of each rescue team

8. Training exercise training:

the project management department will place many flood control exercises at the construction site

9. Other achievements that should be paid attention to:

ensure that the residence of employees on the project is free from rain and water

attach importance to environmental sanitation and insist on stopping the task of killing flies, disinfection and spraying every day

do a good job in distributing heatstroke prevention drugs, adjusting diet, and placing work and rest reasonably to ensure that there are no epidemics, food poisoning, heatstroke and other phenomena

second, establish an organization for safe flood control and improve the safe flood control system

1. The project management department establishes a flood control and flood rescue Instruction Department for the qiangchong comprehensive renovation project. The project manager shall be responsible for the instructions, the person in charge of the technology shall be responsible for the Deputy instructions, and the team members shall be composed of the staff of the engineering technology department, the advocacy and communication department, the coordination department, the medical and health department, the transportation department and the rescue team. The organization chart is as follows:

2. The composition of the flood control and rescue Instruction Department and the address book

Commander: tangxiaojuan

Deputy Commander: liuhaishi

head of the Department:

Engineering Technology Department: zhengdapeng advocacy communication department: lixiuzhi coordination department: guowenna

medical and health department: zhangheyong, zhengyanyu transportation Department: wangzhenjia

rescue team: zhengwenjuan Zhengzhaotong

team members: all employees

flood control and rescue constitute the employee address book

the construction period of the comprehensive regulation project of progressive Creek has experienced one main flood season, so the flood control task should be done well. The construction of well section w of the sewage pipeline shall be completed before the main flood season in 2016, so that the construction will not be affected by the flood season and will be completed on schedule. Establish a 24-hour price shift system in the flood season, strengthen the short-term and durable forecast of water regime, and place various construction projects accordingly. During the flood season, all equipment and staff shall be assigned by the local flood control department and the owner. Ensure the input quantity of construction equipment and personnel, and make them operate normally, ensure the construction progress of the main project, and ensure that the main project can safely survive the flood during the construction period. The following construction safety flood prevention schemes and technical methods are specially formulated

1. Strive to work together with the owner and local authorities to do a good job in flood control and flood control, ensure safe flood control, and establish a leading organization for flood control and flood control, which is assumed by the project manager, with the primary principals of all parts involved, understand the and obligations of all members, and establish a post system for flood control institutions, so that everyone can perform their duties and responsibilities

2. Flood control during the construction period shall be planned according to the design requirements and the project requirements, and reported to the relevant owners, supervisors and flood control departments for approval. The main tasks are as follows:

(I) according to the requirements of discharge flow during the construction period stipulated in the treaty, the flood control method during the construction period shall be adopted

(II) protection measures for permanent and temporary engineering buildings

(III) construction of flood control equipment and rest capacity

(IV) safety protection measures for construction area and living area

3. All construction tasks below the flood limit water level shall be stopped in the flood season, and all mechanical equipment and materials shall be withdrawn from the bottom depression

4. The structures constructed in flood season shall be well protected against rain, and the construction site shall be well drained to prevent rainwater from entering the foundation pit

5. During the construction process, keep close contact with the general part of the scene, accurately grasp the climate change environment, establish a climate and water regime monitoring and warning system, appreciate the downstream discharge, grasp the water regime change at any time, and take precautions

6. Before the flood season, make preparations for flood control and safety, including flood control and rescue personnel, materials, communication instructions, etc., according to the general forecast of hydrological scene and the actual premise. Establish a flood control and rescue team, understand the division of labor and, strengthen leadership, set up a special person on duty, grasp the rain information at any time, and equip the required rescue materials

7. During the flood season of the project, strengthen the contact with the subordinate departments, obey the instructions and adjustments of the subordinate flood control departments, and fulfill the orders of the subordinate departments. Establish the same and harmonious flood control system

8. Organize special personnel to patrol and check in flood season, and timely announce hydrological espionage and flood peak espionage; All construction personnel, construction machinery and construction materials located in the construction inundation risk area shall be evacuated to prevent damage by flood

in case of excessive flood, the following flood control measures shall be taken:

(I) before the excessive flood, the heightening of the construction cofferdam shall be stopped, and the places with serious erosion of the cofferdam shall be protected with woven bags of soil. In case of excessive flood, special personnel shall be sent to stop protection and inspection, and the environment shall be stated in a timely manner

(II) strengthen the management of Enron production in case of excessive flood

(III) in case of excessive flood, the authorities of the common premises shall do a good job in flood control and flood control

(IV) clean up the diversion channel, and cut off all obstacles that hinder flood discharge

(V) delay the preparation of sufficient iron wires, steel bars, woven bags and straw bags, stack them in the public stack of flood control materials, assign special personnel to keep them, charge the shift for 24 hours, and prohibit the diversion of flood control materials for other purposes

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