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Safety management procedures for acetylene generator Chapter 1 General Provisions Article 1 this procedure is formulated to strengthen the safety management of acetylene generator, ensure safe operation and prevent accidents

Article 2 this procedure is applicable to the design, manufacture, use, maintenance and management of low and medium pressure acetylene generators and acetylene pipelines (low pressure: working pressure < 0.2 kgf/cm, medium pressure: 0.2 kgf/cm ≤ working pressure ≤ 1.5 kgf/cm)

Article 3 the safety management of dissolved acetylene cylinders shall be implemented in accordance with the safety supervision regulations for dissolved acetylene cylinders issued by the former State Administration of labor

Article 4 in case of any conflict between this procedure and the relevant provisions issued by the state to avoid violent vibration, the national provisions shall prevail

Chapter II design, manufacture and acceptance

Article 5 the design, manufacture and acceptance of acetylene generator shall be carried out in accordance with JB/gq9004-84 enterprise (joint) standard of Machine Tool Industry Bureau of the Ministry of machinery industry - water calcium carbide and contact low and medium pressure acetylene generators

Article 6 the design and manufacture of acetylene generator must be reviewed and identified to meet the requirements of safety, reliability, advanced technology and economic rationality. When the product leaves the factory, it shall be provided with certificate, instruction manual and other technical data

Chapter III use and management

Article 7 the personnel operating the acetylene generator must be trained and master the operating procedures, safety technical procedures and fire prevention knowledge of the acetylene generator equipment. Only those who have passed the examination and obtained the certificate of safe operation can operate independently. The performance requirements and cost requirements of the home appliance manufacturing enterprises are becoming higher and higher

Article 8 forbids the use of acetylene generator under the condition of overload or exceeding the maximum working pressure and insufficient water supply

Article 9 the acetylene generator shall be placed at a distance of more than 5m from the open fire, spark emitting points and high-voltage power lines

Article 10 when acetylene generator and flashback preventer are used in winter, if freezing occurs, it is only allowed to use hot water or steam to heat and thaw. It is forbidden to heat with open fire or red iron, and it is not allowed to knock with metal objects that are easy to produce sparks

Article 11 when acetylene is on fire, dry yellow sand, carbon dioxide extinguishing agent or dry powder extinguisher should be used to put out the fire. It is forbidden to use water, foam extinguisher and carbon tetrachloride extinguishing agent to put out the fire

Article 12 when more than two welding (cutting) moments are to be prepared for the welding (cutting) moment connected to the acetylene pipeline or one acetylene generator, each welding (cutting) moment must be equipped with a post flashback preventer. It is forbidden to use one post flashback preventer together. It shall be checked during use to ensure safety and reliability

Article 13 when using acetylene gas, when the pressure in the pipeline drops too low, the welding (cutting) moment shall be closed in time. It is strictly prohibited to use oxygen to suck acetylene gas, so as to avoid negative pressure and explosion accident of acetylene generator

Article 14 the size of calcium carbide used in acetylene generator shall comply with the standard of hg-737-75 calcium carbide. It is forbidden to load calcium carbide with size less than 2mm and larger than 80mm into the hopper. The size of calcium carbide used in the drainage (mobile) acetylene generator shall be within the range of 25 ~ 80mm

the size used by the dripping acetylene generator and the large input acetylene generator shall be within the range of 8 ~ 80mm

Article 15 after the acetylene generator is loaded with calcium carbide each time, the mixed gas (acetylene and air) left in the generator shall be discharged before use. When in use, the specified water volume shall be filled, and the ash and slag accumulated in the gas generation chamber shall be discharged in time

Chapter IV Inspection and maintenance

Article 16 the inspection and cleaning of acetylene generator (including relief valve, flashback preventer and flashback preventer of user post) shall be carried out once a week. Ensure that the water level is normal, the check valve is sensitive and reliable, does not leak, and maintains safe operation

Article 17 during maintenance, when open fire and spark operations are required, hot work procedures must be handled, safe and reliable measures must be taken, and they can be carried out only after being approved by the leaders

Article 18 the installation, modification and overhaul of fixed station acetylene generator (including acetylene pipeline) must comply with the relevant provisions of tj31-78 code for design of acetylene station

Article 19 before the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment in the acetylene generator station, acetylene microanalysis must be carried out in the equipment, the inspection parts and the surrounding environment. Only when the acetylene content in the air is less than 0.3 mg/l can it be carried out. After equipment maintenance and cleaning, all equipment and pipelines must be purged in sequence with nitrogen with purity not less than 97%, and then sampled for testing. It is qualified when the oxygen content in the outlet gas after purging does not exceed 4%

Chapter V calcium carbide storage and use

Article 20 the storage and use of calcium carbide shall be in accordance with the corresponding provisions in Chapters 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 of tj31-78 code for design of acetylene station

Article 21 when handling calcium carbide barrels, special vehicles shall be used and signal signs shall be added. Handle with care. Do not roll or throw. When transporting calcium carbide in rainy and snowy days, it is necessary to ensure that there are moisture-proof and other safety measures

Article 22 tools that may cause sparks shall not be used when opening the carbide bucket. Even if the barrel is empty, do not touch the open flame before treatment, and do not directly weld and cut it

3, 300KN can hold such a thick sample

Article 23 the carbide silo shall be kept dry, and it is strictly prohibited to pass the heating pipe and water pipe through the warehouse. The lighting equipment in the warehouse shall be explosion-proof, or the lighting equipment shall be installed outdoors and reflected into the room through glass. The electric light switch shall be closed

Article 24 carbide slag pit must be covered tightly; It is strictly prohibited to pour the calcium carbide fragments and powder powder that have not been decomposed into the slag pit; Steel tools are not allowed to be used for collision during slag removal; Safety signs such as "no smoking", "no passage with burning articles" and "danger" shall be hung around

Article 25 the enterprise shall establish various safety technology management systems:

(I) safety technology operation procedures for acetylene generator

(II) shift handover system

(III) post system

(IV) maintenance and overhaul system. In particular, I would like to thank the Chinese Academy of engineering for its support for the work of the association, its concern for the non-ferrous metal industry and its attention to the new energy materials industry

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