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If you are decorating your house for the first time, you may not know what to do first and then what to do, and what precautions to pay attention to in the construction process. It doesn't matter. Today's article can help you clarify the whole decoration process. Move the small bench and let's study together

if you are decorating your house for the first time, you may not know what to do first and then what to do, and what precautions to pay attention to in the construction process. It doesn't matter. Today's article can help you clarify the whole decoration process. Move the small bench and let's study together

for people who have decorated once, decoration is not a particularly difficult thing, but there are a lot of procedures. More often, it is not a problem of process, but a problem of communication between people. After communication, most of the problems can be solved smoothly

but there are also many people who install a house, causing the whole family to fly like dogs. Some people are depressed, and some people want to divorce. What's the reason? It's just that they see someone's true colors through decoration. It can be seen how important decoration plays in family harmony

therefore, it is extremely important for family harmony to understand the decoration process, students

in fact, decorating a house is very simple. It only takes six steps:

Step 1: preliminary design

in the early stage of decoration, there are many aspects that need to be considered, which is also an important part of controlling the budget and formulating the later decoration effect

if you take one step of decoration, not only the desired effect will not be achieved, but also the decoration cost will be several times higher than expected. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in the early design

step 2: main body demolition and reconstruction

before demolition and reconstruction, don't rush to start construction. You need to understand all aspects of the interior of the house, which are load-bearing walls and need to be marked out. If you make a mistake, the consequences will be unimaginable

and it's better to build a secondary framework and make rectification by referring to the model, so as not to regret after the demolition and modification, it's too late

in fact, wall demolition is also a big project, and there are many key points that we should pay attention to:

1. Before demolition, the water pipe should be sealed first, so as not to be completely blocked afterwards.

before demolition, whether it is the demolition of the ceiling, or the demolition and modification of the walls and floors, protection operations should be carried out first

first protect the openings of the indoor drainage system, such as the drainage holes of kitchens, balconies, and the fecal pipes of toilets. Check whether they are sealed item by item, and take measures to cut off indoor power in advance. Connect the temporary power supply on site to meet the needs of demolition, so as to prevent accidents such as wire fire and personnel electric shock

2. Dismantle the ceiling and take the opportunity to check whether there is water leakage

generally, if the old house is renovated, when dismantling the ceiling, pay attention to the pipelines hidden in the ceiling and take the opportunity to check whether there is any trace of water leakage

3. Never destroy the structure between the beam column and the pipe when removing the wall.

there is an iron rule that must not be touched when removing the wall: that is, the bearing wall cannot be removed. In addition, generally, if the compartment wall is not changed, in order to bury water and electricity pipes, the action of hitting the wall will also be carried out

it should be noted that buried pipelines should not knock out beams, columns, pipe rooms, bearing walls, shear walls and other places to avoid damaging building structures and affecting residential safety

step 3: detail transformation

when the whole frame inside the new house is formed, a series of construction will begin. First, water and electricity will be done well. After the water and electricity test is passed, the processes such as tiling and wall painting will begin

after these are handled, it will be easier to install electric appliances such as range hoods. Generally speaking, after the kitchen floor tiles are finished, the walls and furniture are almost ready to be painted

there are also many points we should pay attention to in terms of hydropower Transformation:

1. When we hand over the house for decoration, we must pay attention to leading the electrician to plan and fix the site when signing the contract! Then budget! Generally, if the cost is exceeded after completion, it can't exceed 10%, and the part beyond the budget doesn't need to be given

2. When transforming weak current, we must pay attention to the use of shielded cables. Most strong and weak current are managed from the ground, and the situation of strong and weak current crossing and close parallel is very common. If the shielded cable is not made, it will cause some interference to the signal

3. PVC pipes are generally used in hydropower transformation! JDG tube can not be used

4. Hydrostatic test is the most important point. During the test, the pressure is not less than 0.6 MPa, subject to the gauge pressure not falling back after 15 minutes of static pressure. In addition, we should also check the smoothness of water flow and conduct irrigation test to prevent insufficient water pressure and poor drainage

5. When installing socket switches, there is no science to say how many must be installed. All these can be used according to their own needs! After that, combined with the opinions of the masters, the comprehensive and reasonable layout

step 4: kitchen, door, floor

after the floor tiles of the kitchen are paved, the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom should be suspended, and the water pipe should be wrapped, which is more beautiful

then install the cabinet, and then install the wooden door. After the wooden doors are installed, it's almost time to stick the wooden floor

the installation of kitchen cabinets is also a big project, and there are three points to note:

1. The installation sequence of cabinets should be paid attention to. Generally speaking, the installation sequence of cabinets is floor cabinet, hanging cabinet, faucet and sink, stove and electrical appliances. Once the order is out of order, the installation cannot proceed smoothly

2. The floor should be cleaned during cabinet installation. If the floor is not cleaned, the level of the floor cannot be accurately found. If the cabinet is unbalanced with the floor, the cabinet door will not be balanced

3. Pay attention to the sealing problem in cabinet installation. The sealing here includes not only the cabinet, but also the sealing of the countertop after opening

step 5: install lamps and sanitary wares

after the wallpaper is pasted, you can almost install lamps and sanitary wares

at this step, it will be relatively simple, and you can arrange the installation with your own consciousness

after the installation of sanitary ware and lamps, the new home will be basically decorated

Step 6: furniture and electrical appliances enter the site

the last step is to arrange furniture and electrical appliances to enter the site

however, we should remind you that the furniture and electrical appliances you choose should be able to match your own style. Only in this way can you enhance the indoor effect

when choosing furniture, we should see whether its material and quality meet the standard, and the safety of family members is more important

summary: after reading these 6 no decoration processes, everyone has a deeper understanding of decoration. Next, let's follow these procedures step by step to decorate, and a beautiful new home will be completed soon





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